This article will assist Administrators in understanding the different sections of the Reservation Details page, and also explain the features you can use within each section.

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Table of Contents

The Reservation Details page is organized into several sections that contain information about the reservation, like the reservation's time, location, and other facility details as well as relevant documents, such as proof of insurance and non-profit documentation if required. For assistance in finding a Reservation Details page, please see Finding Reservations/Navigating To The Reservation Details Page

Below is an example of a Reservation Details page. Please note that your view of a Reservation Details page may differ slightly from the one shown in this article. Depending on the level of your role's permissions, access to view or edit each section of a reservation may be limited or appear differently. 

The Reservation Details page consists of a number of sections, or widgets. These include the General Information widget, Calendar, Comments, Reservation Timeslots and more.

Please note that these widgets may be moved on the page. If you prefer to have the Comments widget at the top, you can do so by simply grabbing the widget by the top blue toolbar and dragging it towards the top of the page.

You can also expand/collapse each widget by clicking the [ - ] icon at the top right of each widget.

Most widgets have collapsable subsections. To view all the content of a widget, make sure you have the subsection fully expanded. The blue drop down arrow to the left of the section’s name will collapse or expand the subsection accordingly. 

Reservations Home

The Reservations Home section contains details about the event, such as the event’s title, date range, and number of attendees. This section will also include the name of the renter organization, application question answers, insurance status, documents, invoices, pre-approver’s status, setup instructions, and the reservation’s status options.

General Information: Permit, Rate Category, and Renter Information

Please note that the General Information widget’s head color will signify the reservation’s status. Light blue indicates the reservation is still in Pending status, dark blue will indicate a reservation is Approved, grey will indicate the reservation has been Cancelled, and red will indicate the reservation has been Declined.

  1. Permit: On Approved reservations, a permit’s PDF will be available for download. This PDF download will include the current date, the permit number (Reservation ID), the name of the individual who approved the reservation and its approval date, and additional reservation details if there are any.
  2. Rate Category: This will display the renter’s current rate category, as well as the reservation’s current rate category. Depending on your role, you may be able to change a renter’s rate category by selecting the current, hyperlinked rate category name. 
    1. Please note that if a reservation is transferred from one organization or renter with a specified rate category to another, if “Reset and Calculate” is not selected at the time of changing the renter, the original rate category will remain on the reservation. The reservation’s rate category will populate fees and insurance requirements over the renter’s rate category.
    2. District Internal rate categories do not require renters to provide insurance. If you are changing a reservation from District Internal to an external rate category, the reservation must be reset and recalculated in order for the correct fees and an Insurance section to populate. Facilitron is not able to evaluate insurance without an Insurance section, as the Insurance section contains the features required to label insurance as Verified or Invalid. If you would like assistance or are unsure if a reservation should be Reset and Recalculated, please contact Facilitron Customer Support to assist in making the change. You may reach us by leaving an alert on the reservation (see Using "Alert Facilitron" with Comments for additional information and assistance), calling (800) 272-2962 or emailing
  3. Renter: This will display the renter organization’s name, the type of organization they are (Individual, Commercial, or Non-Profit), their street address, and the current point of contact’s name, email address, and phone number. 
    1. If the organization is a Non-Profit, the EIN button will appear. Clicking this will display the EIN that the renter has provided upon account creation.
    2. Depending on your role on Facilitron, you may be able to change the point of contact on the reservation from one user in an organization to another. You may also change the renter on the reservation. Clicking the blue Change Renter button will generate a pop-up, where you may type in another renter’s or renter organization’s name to move the reservation to their account.
      1. Please note that the contact on the reservation must have a Facilitron account in order for a reservation to be transferred to them.  If the reservation must be moved to the account of an individual who has not previously had a reservation at your school site or district, please reach out to Customer Support or leave an alert on the reservation.

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Insurance, Documents, Invoices, and Pre-Approvers

The Insurance section of the reservation will display the current insurance status and a range of valid dates. It also provides the option to view the renter’s Certificate of Insurance (COI) yourself by clicking on the blue hyperlinked title of the COI.

  1. Upload Certificate: If you are in possession of a renter’s COI, you may upload it here.
  2. Newest First/Past Certificates: Selecting either of these checkboxes will either filter the COI’s from newest to oldest, or show COIs for your particular Facility Owner with dates outside of the current reservation’s date range. This includes COIs for both past and future dates.
  3. Information, Verify, and Delete:
    1. Clicking the blue “i” icon beside an invalid Certificate of Insurance’s status will populate a dropdown with information regarding why the COI was invalidated, and by whom.
    2. Depending on your role’s access level, you may be able to review and verify a COI by selecting the Verify button.
    3. Depending on your role’s access level, you may be able to delete a COI by selecting the red X button.

The Documents section is where any additional documentation pertaining to a reservation is stored. Types of documents that may need to be included here are: supporting non-profit letters, .jpg or .png photos documents recording damages, or other documents such as .pdf or text documents with written setup instructions.

  1. Attach Document: Click this to upload any documents, aside from the renter organization’s COI, that pertain to the reservation. You will be asked to provide a name for the document, an expiration date (if applicable), the document type, and you will need to choose between applying this document to the current reservation, or all reservations in your district
    1. Please do not upload a renter’s Certificate of Insurance to the document section. If you are trying to upload a COI for the renter organization to the document section because an Insurance section is not present, the reservation, or renter’s, rate category may need to be updated to one that includes an insurance requirement. This may also indicate that a reservation may need to be reset and recalculate for the insurance section to appear.
    2. You may however upload a Vendor’s Certificate of Insurance to the document section. For more information on vendor COIs, please see How Do I Upload My Vendor's Certificate of Insurance (COI)?
  2. Expired Documents: Clicking this checkbox will allow you to view documents for the reservation or renter that have since expired.

The Invoices section will show any and all invoices that have been sent to a renter, including any automated invoices. An invoice is automatically sent when a reservation’s status changes from Pending to Approved. You will also be able to view PDFs of manually generated invoices, or send a new invoice to the renter.

  1. Cumulative Invoice & Monthly Statement:
    1. A Cumulative Invoice may be generated through a certain date on the reservation, and sent to the existing point of contact on the reservation. You may also choose a due date, or add additional users in an organization to receive the invoice. Optionally, you may add an outside user’s email address to also receive the invoice. The Cumulative Invoice will factor in any previous payments or credits applied to the reservation. A new one should be sent after any fee changes are applied to a reservation.
    2. A Monthly Statement may be generated for individual months on an ongoing reservation. You may add additional users in an organization to receive the statement, and optionally you may add an outside user’s email address to also receive the statement. The Monthly Statement will show all fees for that month, regardless of any previous payments or credits applied to the reservation.
  2. Viewing an Invoice or Statement: Once an invoice or monthly statement has been sent, you may select the red PDF icon next to the dollar amount to view the PDF of the invoice or statement. If multiple invoices or statements have been sent, a [ + ] will appear next to Amount. Click the [ + ] icon show all available invoices or statements to view a PDF of.

The Pre-Approvers section will show the list of administrators at the current site and their Pre-Approval status. 

  1. Pre-Approvers: A green “thumbs up” icon next to a pre-approver’s name will indicate that the individual approves of the reservation at the site level. A red “thumbs down” icon next to a pre-approver’s name will indicate that the individual does not approve of the reservation at the site level.

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Setup Instructions, Reservation Status, and Payment

Setup Instructions may be used by administrators to indicate HVAC scheduling, assigned personnel for a reservation, or required equipment and configuration for a reservation date.

  1. + New Instructions: Clicking this will allow you to write new setup instructions for a certain date. You may also apply the written instructions to multiple dates on a reservation.
    1. Please note that writing new setup instructions for a date that already contains setup instructions will replace the original.
  2. Edit or Delete Instructions:
    1. If the current setup instructions need to be revised, you may do so by clicking the pencil icon.
    2. If the current setup instructions need to be removed, you may do so by clicking the red X.
  3. Reservation Status: Depending on your role access, buttons may appear for you to change the reservation’s current status. The available options are: Cancel Reservation, Approve, Decline, or Make Pending.

The Payment section will display the daily totals, any payment processing fees that a renter may have paid thus far, the total for the reservation, the amount paid, and the remaining amount due. It will also contain a history of payment submitted.

  1. Payments Made: This will display the date, method of payment, and payment amount.

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Comments, History, and Alerts

The Comment/History section may be used to communicate with renters or other site administrators, as well as to Facilitron personnel. It will contain a history of all comments and changes made to a reservation.

By default, the comment and history section will sort from oldest at the top to newest at the bottom. To sort by newest first at the top, please click the Newest First checkbox.

  1. History/Comments/COI: These checkboxes will filter your current view of the comments/history section. If a renter has supplied a Certificate of Insurance, a COI box will also populate to collapse or expand the COIs status update provided in the comment section. By default, the Comments and COI (if applicable) checkboxes will be selected.
    1. Clicking History will display a record of all changes applied to a reservation, when, and by whom. This will also show a record of the email addresses that were notified by a comment made.
    2. Clicking Comments (when not pre-selected), will display all internal and external comments on a reservation. Note that while administrators may review and make internal comments, renters do not have access to them.
    3. Clicking COI will collapse or expand the COIs status update provided in the comment section.
  2. Comments: To communicate with a renter, administrator, or Facilitron personnel, begin by typing your message here.
  3. Internal Comment/Alert Facilitron: By default, neither of these checkboxes will be selected.
    1. If the comment being left should not be available for renters to view, click Internal Comment. Only other administrators at this site or district and Facilitron personnel will be able to view the comment.
    2. If you require assistance from Facilitron personnel, clicking the Alert Facilitron checkbox will alert the Facilitron support team to your comment.
  4. Standard Distribution/Select Recipients: By default, the Standard Distribution option will be selected.
    1. Making a Standard Distribution comment will send an email to alert any and all individuals whose communication settings include this reservation. If the comment is being left externally, this will include the renter.
    2. Choosing to leave a comment for Select Recipients will affect the email notifications only for this comment. This will not determine who is able to view the comment in the comment section. Choosing this option will populate a list of individuals you may choose to alert to your comment. Choosing this option will not alert Facilitron personnel to your comment.
  5. When you are finished typing your message and determining who may need to review your comment, click the Comment button to complete the process.

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The Calendar section lists a simplified version of all the time slots included on a reservation. It also displays the iCal feed for subscribing to the reservation through a calendar such as Outlook or Google Calendar.

  1. Include/Exclude from Calendar: Based on the set rules for calendars at your school site, a reservation may automatically be included or excluded from a calendar. If instead you would like the specific reservation included or excluded from a given calendar, you may do so here. 
    1. For additional information on calendar management and calendar rules, please see Connecting your Google or Apple Calendar.
  2. Add Offsite Event: Offsite Events, such as away games for sports teams, can be built into a reservation’s schedule. Click Add Offsite Event to add an event that is not taking place at your school site. You will be able to select the date, start, and end times.
    1. Scheduling an offsite event will not close any availability for your site or facility, but it will appear as a tile on your calendar. This way, all onsite and offsite events for a team can be viewed in one place.
    2. Please note that Offsite Events cannot be scheduled independently.
    3. The Offsite Event will appear in the Schedule dropdown only, and will not be included in the Reservations Timeslots section (below).
  3. Invite: Clicking this will allow you to provide an individual not included on the reservation (i.e. not the renter or an administrator at the site) to view the reservation on a calendar. You may enter the individual’s email address, along with a message.
  4. Delete Facility Timeslot: To delete an individual facility’s timeslot from a date on a reservation (and not the entire date), select the checkbox for the facility that should be removed.
  5. Delete Date: To remove one or multiple date(s) from a reservation, ensure that all checkboxes are selected for that date. 
  6. Delete: Once the required facilities and/or dates to be removed from the reservation are selected, click Delete to remove them.
  7. Event Calendar/iCal Feed: The hyperlinked Event Calendar will bring you to a calendar for the individual reservation. Copying the iCal Feed link and sharing it with someone else will allow them to subscribe to an event on Outlook or Google calendars.

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Reservations Suspended Timeslots

A Pending or Approved reservation may contain Suspended dates due to lack of valid insurance, payment, or for other reasons. These dates will appear in red to the right of the Reservation Details page above the Reservation Timeslots widget.

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Reservation Timeslots

The Timeslots section will display the facilities, timeslots, services, and equipment included for each date on a reservation.

Depending on your role access, you may also be able to apply changes to an individual date or timeslot on one or more reservations. For every facility use date in a reservation, there is a corresponding "Timeslot."

  1. Expand All Dates: By default, this checkbox will be selected. To collapse for a list of dates only, uncheck this box.
  2. Suspend Timeslots/+ New Timeslot
    1. To Suspend a timeslot for nonpayment, invalid or lack of insurance, or other issues click on Suspend Timeslots. A pop-up will appear with a list of all dates on the reservation. Select all dates to suspend, as well as the reason why, and submit. These dates will appear in the Suspended Timeslots section in red, and the total for these dates will be removed from the balance due.
    2. Clicking + New Timeslot will allow you to add an additional date or facility to the reservation.
  3. + Add Work Order/Replicate/Edit:
    1. If your district utilizes the Facilitron Works platform, you may add + Work Order to a reservation date. Doing so will automatically create a work order and alert the appropriate staff to take necessary action on a task related to the reservation. You will be required to fill in the work order name, description, the service, purpose, and extra costs.
    2. You may Replicate a date on a reservation to future dates using this button. Doing so will copy the existing facilities and timeslots on the current date. When replicating a timeslot, you may choose to either replicate it as is, or by resetting it to its original form.
      1. Replicating a timeslot as is will include any setup instructions from the original date, as well as any manual adjustments made to fees, services, or equipment.
      2. Replicating a timeslot and resetting it will remove any included setup instructions, as well as any manual adjustments made to fees, services, or equipment.
    3. Clicking the Edit button will allow you to make further adjustments to the reservation date. Please see Editing Time, Location Or Equipment (And Applying To Multiple Dates) for additional information.
  4. Shared Services: This section will include any service that applies to an entire reservation date, regardless of the facilities included.
  5. Tool Icon: The tool icon here, along with a hyperlinked work order number, will be present if there is a linked work order to this reservation date. If you are also an administrator on Facilitron Works, clicking on the hyperlinked work order number can take you to the corresponding work order details page.
  6. Change Services: Clicking this option will allow you to make changes to any shared service on a reservation date. You may also apply these changes to additional dates on the reservation.
  7. Dedicated Services: If a service appears only beneath a certain facility’s timeslot on a date, this indicates it is a dedicated service. These services will not be included in the Shared/Change services menu mentioned above. To make changes to a dedicated service, click Modification next to the facility timeslot.
  8. Modification: Here you can make changes to the timeslot, date, facility fee, or dedicated services and equipment. You may also apply these changes to additional dates on the reservation.
  9. Setup Instruction: If setup instructions have been configured for a timeslot, they will appear as bolded, italicized, purple text here.

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