Editing time, location or equipment

To change a time and/or location of a reservation, navigate to the reservation detail page of the specific reservation you need to edit. First, find the "Reservation Timeslots" section of the page.

Next, find the date you wish to adjust and click "Edit", as shown below. Note: There's a time slot for every date on the reservation. Select the date you wish to edit.

From there, click the "Modification" button and choose "Change Timeslot" to view the timeslot details window where you may edit the time, date, facilities, equipment and fees and apply to a single date or multiple dates. 

Select Modification:

Select Change Timeslot:

Example of pop up window:


If you want to change the facility, click the drop-down menu where your current facility is listed to browse through all available facilities.

If you want to change/move the date, select a new date on the calendar.

If you want to change the time, click "Start Time" and/or "End Time" and adjust it from there.

When all changes are made, click "Apply Time & Update Fees", located under the calendar.


If your role permits you, you can edit the Pricing and/or add optional equipment or services that are available for that facility.  Fees should follow board approved rates. To view pricing, click the "i" for rates.


If you wish to apply these changes to multiple dates, click "+Apply to Additional Dates" at the bottom of the box. 

This will prompt you to either "Check All", which will apply the changes to all of the dates in your reservation, or to check individual boxes to selectively apply it to one or multiple dates.

When satisfied with your changes, click "Submit," and all changes will be applied to the selected dates and your reservation will be updated.