How to connect your calendar

Connecting Facilitron calendars to your Google or Apple calendar (or other WebDav/iCal capable calendar) eliminates the need for double entry. Follow these steps if you would like to see your Facilitron calendar reservations appear on your Google/Apple calendars.

Click Setup and a dropdown will appear. Then, select Calendar Management.

Dashboard screenshot with Setup menu item circled and Calendar Management submenu item pointed out

You may use the default calendar provided. If you would like to use the default calendar, please skip to Step 6.

You can also create a new calendar. We suggest creating a new calendar if you only want to see a specific set of events, for example, events relating to “Athletic Facilities” or the “Theater.”  You can create any number of custom calendars to segregate calendar events by the type, or facility or time/dates you wish to view.  

Creating A New Calendar

To create a new calendar, select Create New Calendar at the bottom of the page.

Dashboard screenshot of Calendar Management page with District section circled and Create New Calendar pointed out

Name your calendar and select the information you would like to see on your Google/Apple calendar.

Dashboard screenshot of Calendar Management with Information about the calendar section circled and calendar name pointed out

Select the facilities you would like to have connected to your Google/Apple calendar. Next, select the days of the week you would like to include.  Using the filters, you may create just about any type of calendar from your events.

For example, you may only want after school activities visible on your Google/Apple calendar.

Dashboard screenshot of Calendar Management with Create New Calendar Facilities selector and Date/Time selector circled

You can also choose the time of day that you would like reservations to appear on your Google/Apple calendar. Adjust the sliders to change the time frame.

Click Submit when you are finished!

Date/Time selector screenshot with time sliders pointed out and Submit button circled

Your new calendar parameters are now set!

Using the iCal Feed to subscribe to your calendar

Copy the iCal Feed URL and paste it into your Google/Apple calendar to connect you Facilitron calendar to your calendar application. 

Please Note: If you click the "Add" button, you will have to manually push Calendar updates by clicking on "push to google calendars." However, If you use the iCal link, the push will be automatic. For that reason, subscribing to an iCal feed is the preferred method.

You can also click the blue “?” marks to receive specific instructions for subscribing to the calendar.

Calendar management screenshot with iCal Feed link circled