This article will assist Administrators with adding a new date, or timeslot, to a reservation.

Adding a New Timeslot vs Replicating an Existing Timeslot

You may add a new date, or Timeslot, to a reservation by creating a New Timeslot or by Replicating an existing timeslot.

Start by navigating to the Reservation Timeslots section of the Reservation Details page. See Finding Reservations/Navigating to the Reservation Details Page - Administrators and Reservation Details Page Overview - Administrators for additional assistance.

You have two main options, to Replicate the timeslot, or add a new timeslot by clicking the +New Timeslot button. Let’s see what each of these functions does:

  1. Replicate: Replicating an existing timeslot will copy the same facilities, start and end times, and equipment/services currently included on an existing timeslot. You may replicate any existing timeslot on a current reservation, and apply it to future dates. 
  2. + New Timeslot: Adding a new timeslot allows you to add a new date with different facilities, start and end times, and different equipment/services requirements.

Both of these options will allow you to add multiple dates at a time.

How to Replicate a Timeslot

On the Reservation Details page, first choose the existing timeslot you would like to “copy,” or replicate, to future dates. Then, click the Replicate button at the top of the chosen timeslot.

A pop-out will appear, and the facilities with their designated timeslots will be listed at the top. Proceed by choosing dates to replicate these facilities and timeslots to, and choose either Replicate As Is or Replicate and Recalculate. Click Submit to finish the process.

  • Choosing Replicate As Is will ensure that any manual adjustments made to the original timeslot will copy over to the replicated timeslot(s). This includes fees, services, equipment, and any setup instructions.
  • Choosing Replicate and Recalculate will reset the added timeslot(s) to the configured rates set by your Facility Owner, and will remove any services, equipment, or setup instructions that were manually added to the original timeslot.

How to Add a New Timeslot

On the Reservation Details page, click + New Timeslot in the upper right corner of the Reservation Timeslots section. A pop out will appear to let you configure and add the new timeslot.

Proceed with choosing the dates and facility required, the timeslot, and adding any dedicated services or equipment. Once all information has been selected, click Submit to finish the process.

  • Please note that only one facility may be added when adding a new date initially. Once the date has been added, you may add additional facilities to the existing timeslot. Please see Adding Additional Facilities to a Reservation for more information.