How to create an internal reservation from your site’s calendar.

Creating an Internal Reservation

  1. Log in to Facilitron.
  2. Select your school/facility site, and go to your dashboard (please see Finding the Administrative Dashboard and Finding My School Or District's Calendar to assist you in doing so).
  3. In the upper right hand corner of the Calendar page, click the + Event button.
  4. A pop-out will appear that will allow you to enter the details of your event, such as your event name and number of attendees. 
  5. You may select the required facilities for your reservation either by typing the facility name into the Search Facility box, or by selecting the facility’s area dropdown.
  6. Once you’ve selected the required facility, you can move on to selecting the required Date and Start Time/End Time for your reservation.

  7. Once the required Date and Start Time/End Time have been selected for your reservation, proceed by selecting Add to Schedule, then Submit Schedule.

  8. You may have an additional step to complete before your reservation is created if your District or Facility Owner Organization has opted into internal application questions. Please answer all required questions, and select Proceed.

Success! Once your page has finished loading, a Reservation ID will pop up. Selecting the Reservation ID will bring you directly to the Reservation Details page for your internal event.

Please note that if your role is View Only or Pre-Approver, your reservation will remain in Pending status until it has been reviewed by an Enhanced Access user or Final Approver, who may approve or decline the reservation. If your role is Enhanced Access, Enhanced Access+, or Final Approver, any internal events entered at the site you are assigned to will automatically be Approved.

For information on how to submit an internal schedule with multiple facilities or dates, please see the following support article: Creating An Internal Schedule With Multiple Dates.