The Reservation Detail Page

The Reservation Detail page is the place where all the information about a reservation is found. The page is organized into several sections that contain the reservation's information and relevant documents. Most sections have collapsable subsections. To view all the content of a section, make sure you have the subsection fully expanded.

Please note, a Reservation Detail page may differ slightly from the one shown in this article. Depending on the level of your role's permissions, access to view or edit every section of a reservation may be limited or appear differently.

For more information about how to find a reservation's detail page, see the support article: Finding Reservations/Navigating To The Reservation Details Page

Below is a typical Reservation Detail page:

Reservation detail page screenshot

Let's go through the different sections/parts of the page to familiarize you with how it's organized:


The Reservations Home section contains the details about the event and renter organization. It includes the insurance certificates and verification status. Also included are sections for pre-approvers to show their approval of the event as well as a documents section where any kind of relevant attachment can be included.

Types of documents that might be included here are: supporting non-profit letters, jpg or png photos documenting damages, or other documents such as pdf or text documents with written instructions about setup.

Reservations widget screenshot with main components circled and annotated


The payment section is where payments can be made and payment history can be viewed.

Payment widget screenshot


The comments section allows you to make comments that are distributed either to certain recipients, to internal and Facilitron personnel or to all the recipients involved with a reservation (including the renter).

This section also tracks all the history of a reservation—when it was created, and any changes made to the reservation since its creation (and who made them).

The comments section is used for back and forth between renters and facility owners, back and forth between facility owners and Facilitron personnel and as a catch-all for documenting nearly anything else that can't be adequately documented some other way.

Comments/History screenshot with main components circled and annotated


The calendar section lists all the time slots of a reservation and displays the iCal feed for subscribing to the reservation through a calendar such as Outlook or Google Calendar.

Among other things, you can also invite friends via email to view the reservation on a calendar right from the application. Finally, you can manage whether the reservation is included among one of the calendars created in the Calendar Management section of your account.

Calendar management widget screenshot with main components circled and annotated


The Timeslots section is where changes can be made to individual (or all) time slots in a reservation. These includes changes to date, time, facility, shared or dedicated services and equipment. For every facility use date in a reservation, there is a corresponding "Timeslot."

Click edit to make changes to date, time, equipment services, etc. (See support article: Editing Time, Location Or Equipment (And Applying To Multiple Dates))

Click "Add New Timeslot" to create a new date and facility in a reservation.

Click "Work Order" to notify personnel by email to a particular task that is required. (This sends an email and adds the activity to the reservation history.

Reservation timeslots section screenshot with main components circled and annotated