Requesting a facility is easy! This article will assist new and existing renters in submitting a Reservation Request through the Facilitron Marketplace, from the homepage at We’ll walk you through getting started on the platform, searching for facilities and adding dates to your reservation, and completing the checkout process!

Getting Started on Facilitron

While you are welcome to search our available facilities at any time, please note that prior to submitting a reservation request, you must first have a registered account with Facilitron

Facilitron uses your registered account to establish the correct rates you should receive for your rental from specific Facility Owners. Please see Requirements for Making a Rental Request to assist you in determining which account type is right for you or your organization.

Searching for Facilities

When searching for facilities on Facilitron, you can search by:

  • Facility type, e.g. a gym, pool, field, theater or more

  • Facility location, eg. by city, state, zip code

  • School District, e.g. a Particular school district

  • School site, e.g. a specific High, Middle or Elementary school

To search by Facility type or Facility location, type the facility you are looking for into the What kind of space do you need? field, followed by the general location (city, state, zip code) into the Where do you need it? field. You can also search using just the facility type or facility location.

To search for a facility within a particular school site or district, begin typing the school or district’s name into the What kind of space do you need? field. A dropdown menu will automatically appear with results for you to choose from.

Clicking on the school site or district from this dropdown will bring you directly to their storefront.

A school site or district’s storefront will show a carousel of some of their featured facilities. Clicking on a facility from the carousel will bring you directly to the to the Facility Details page for that facility, where you can view photos, a description of the facility, rental availability, amenities, starting rates, capacity, and a map location of the facility. Please see the section Adding Dates and Timeslots below for additional information.

If the facility you would like to reserve does not appear on the carousel, you may continue to search for it from the school site or district’s storefront.

You can tailor the search results page with as many or as few of the filters listed below in order to find the best facility for your needs.

  1. Facility Owner: This drop down filter allows you to select which school site or district you would like to view facilities for.

  2. Date and Time: This filter allows you to choose what specific dates you would like to submit a reservation for. Selecting date and time parameters will filter out any facilities that are not available for your requested dates and times.
  3. Map: You may move, zoom in, and zoom out on the map to include additional Facility Owners in your search.
  4. See All Filters: This option will show additional filters that may be applied to your search, including Capacity, Distance, Facility Type, Amenities, and Equipment.

Facility Details Page

Once you have chosen the facility you would like to submit a reservation for, clicking on it will bring you to the Facility Details page. 

  1. View Photos: Clicking this will provide a carousel of available photos for this facility.
  2. Map: The map will show a satellite view of the location of the facility you are requesting to submit a reservation for.
  3. Rates: This section will show the starting rate for the facility. Please note that if you believe you are to receive special rates, your rate category may need to be changed after a reservation is created. Please see Why am I Being Charged These Rates/Fees? for additional information.
  4. Select Another Facility.  This dropdown menu will provide a list of other facilities at this particular school site. Clicking on an additional facility from this list will automatically bring you to the Facility Details page for that facility. 
Select Number of Facilities: Some facility types (such as classrooms or tennis courts) allow for renters to submit a reservation for a set quantity. Please note that the actual designated facility will be assigned at random upon reservation creation. If a specific room is required, please leave a comment on your reservation for the administrators to review, and make adjustments when possible.

Adding Dates and Timeslots

You may select as many dates and timeslots as available on the facility’s storefront page. Please note that if a date or timeslot is grayed out, that means that the facility is currently unavailable. See "Grayed Out" Or Unavailable Facilities for additional information.


  1. If the facility selected offers multiple quantities, select the quantity of facilities you would like to submit a reservation for.

  2. Next, select the first date and timeslot you would like to add to your reservation.

  3. If the requested timeslot should be repeated for additional future dates, you may either click Select My Dates, which will allow you to choose the dates yourself, or Repeat Weekly. Clicking Repeat Weekly will allow you to designate what days of the week the timeslot should repeat on. You can also choose the end date for your reservation here.

    1. Please note that when clicking “Add # days,” if any dates within the date range selected are unavailable, you will be notified and the dates will be omitted from your cart.

  4. Once all dates and timeslots for the selected facility have been added to your cart, you may either proceed in adding additional facilities by clicking the or select another facility dropdown, or proceed to CheckoutCompleting the Checkout Process

    Once all required dates and facilities have been added to your cart, continue by Checking Out

    1. Person or Organization Booking Event: This field will populate with the current account information you are logged in to. If you are in multiple renter organizations, you may switch the person/organization submitting the reservation at this time.

    2. Event Name: Enter a name for your event.

    3. Event Type: This dropdown will show a list of possible event types. Choose the event type that most closely resembles the activities that may take place at your event.

    4. Number of Attendees: Enter the total expected number of persons attending your event.

    5. Application Questions: Depending on the Facility Owner and Facility Type, application questions may appear. Please answer these questions as completely and accurately as possible in order for the Facility Owner to process your reservation request effectively.

    6. My dates and times are flexible: Selecting this option will let the Facility Owners know that you are open to adjusting your dates and timeslots in order to proceed with your reservation. 

    7. Continue: Once all required information has been completed, click Continue to proceed to the next step. 

You will be brought to the Event Insurance and Optional Services & Equipment portions of the checkout process. This page will show the specific requirements for the Facility Owner you are submitting a request at. 

Please note that Facilitron Insurance may be purchased at this step, if available for this Facility Owner. You can also provide your own insurance at the end of checkout, or prior to your event. Insurance is typically required in order for your event to be approved.

You may also select any Optional Services & Equipment before proceeding in the checkout process by clicking Continue

A pop-up will appear with the Facility Owner’s Terms and Conditions. Please review and agree to the terms and conditions, and proceed by clicking Submit

The Payment page will populate next. Here, you may either proceed in paying a percentage of your reservation’s estimated total or the full amount. You can pay by using Card, eCheck, or PayPal payment methods.

Please note that paying by Card and PayPal may include a 3.5% payment processing fee. Paying by eCheck will result in a flat $0.95 payment processing fee.

You may save this payment method for future use. You can also set it as your default payment method. The Order Summary widget on the right hand side will display the total amount you are submitting a payment for. When all information has been filled in, click Submit to complete the checkout process.

If you believe you are to receive special rates, or if you would like to request the Facility Owners to review the estimated rates, you may proceed in submitting your reservation request without submitting an initial payment. To do this, please select By Mail on the Payment page.

Selecting this payment option will not require you to pay for this reservation through the mail, it will simply allow the reservation to be created without initial payment being submitted. However, if you wish to pay By Mail for your reservation, please take note of the Check or Money Order instructions on this page.

Once you have confirmed your payment method, click Submit to proceed in completing your reservation request.

After Reservation Creation

After submitting your reservation request, you will receive a Confirmation page that includes your Reservation ID

Here, you may also enter additional instructions, comments, or questions for the Facility Owner to review and advise.

If Facilitron Insurance was not available at checkout, or instead you prefer to use other liability insurance, you may upload your Certificate of Insurance. A valid Certificate of Insurance is required for all reservations prior to the start date of the event.  

Your Confirmation page will include the Go to Request Management Page button at the bottom. Clicking this will bring you to the Reservation Details page, where you can review your dates, timeslots, fees, request for changes, leave comments or questions for facility administrators, and more!

Please note that requests are subject to approval by the Facility Owner and other terms and conditions before a use permit is issued. Facilitron does not set the districts' availability or payment policies and unfortunately reservations are sometimes declined due to internal scheduling conflicts that the district could not foresee, or did not add into the system. Where possible we try to work with our partners to avoid these situations from occurring.