This article will assist new Renters in determining if they are submitting a reservation on behalf of an individual or an organization.

Individual Account

Every user on Facilitron has an Individual Account, which can be used when you are requesting to use public facilities on behalf of yourself and not on behalf of an organization.

For example, I could be an individual that wants to teach a photography class using a classroom at a public school for my class. I am requesting this on behalf of myself, or through my Individual Account.

Along with your Individual Account, you as a user may be associated with one or more Renter Organizations, e.g. Boy Scouts, a performance group, or a sports club for instance.

In this case, you would use the account for your Renter Organization to submit a reservation on behalf of the organization, rather than on behalf of yourself.

Renter Organizations

Renter Organizations are used to submit a reservation request on behalf of a Business, Non-Profit or Group.

For example, in addition to my photography teaching class (above), I'm also the head of a Youth Sports Organization and I routinely request to use sports fields at a public school to hold our organization's events. In this case, I'm requesting on behalf of the youth sports organization. To make a reservation request for this group, I must select my organization in the application/checkout process. Please note that depending on whether you’re a Business, Non-Profit, Individual or Other Group, Districts may have different rates for facilities, and different requirements for things like insurance for your event.

Joining an Existing Renter Organization

It’s important to check with your own Renter Organization to see if they already have an account for their organization on Facilitron. This is to avoid duplicate organizations being created which can lead to confusion.

If your Individual Account is not associated with an organization, and you are aware that organization already has an account with Facilitron, you must be added to the organization by an existing user. Please see Adding Additional Users to Your Renter Organization for additional assistance.

Creating Your Account

Once you have determined whether an Individual Account or Renter Organization best suits your needs, please proceed in creating an account by following the steps in Signing Up and Creating a Renter Organization.