How to request multiple dates or facilities


One reservation request can consist of multiple dates and/or multiple facilities. For example, if you’re requesting every Sunday from January thru June, your request can be configured to include 24 Sundays over 6 months. Or if you were requesting the cafeteria and 3 classrooms for one or multiple dates, all the requests go on one reservation.


To request multiple dates for one facility, use "Select My Dates" or "Repeat Weekly" when configuring your request. "Select My Dates" allows you to pick random dates on the calendar for inclusion in your request. (See below)

Finalize date and time selection dialog screenshot with select my dates radio button circled

"Repeat Weekly" allows you to select repeating days of the week, such as every Friday and Saturday for a specified time.

Finalize date and time selection dialog screenshot showing repeat dates with repeat weekly radio circled and F,S weekdays pointed out


To request multiple facilities, you may either select the dropdown "Select Another Facility" at the bottom of your shopping cart and configure the dates and times for the facility you select...

Request multiple facilities shopping cart screenshot with select another facility circled

Or, once you've added items to your shopping cart, you will receive a prompt asking you if you'd like to add another facility using the same dates and time. Select yes...

Add more facilities confirmation dialog box screenshot with yes button circled

Then choose the facility you'd like to add.

Add more facilities dialog box additional facilities screenshot with the stadium facility circled