This article is intended to assist Renters in submitting a reservation for multiple dates and/or facilities. If this is your first time submitting a reservation request, please refer to Submitting a Reservation Request.

One reservation request can contain multiple dates and/or multiple facilities. For example, if you would like to request every Sunday from January through June, your request can be configured to include 24 Sundays over 6 months. Or, if you were requesting the cafeteria and 3 classrooms for one or multiple dates, all the requests may be included in one reservation.

Adding Multiple Dates and Timeslots

You may select as many dates and timeslots as available on the facility’s storefront page. Please note that if a date or timeslot is grayed out, it means that the facility is currently unavailable. See "Grayed Out" Or Unavailable Facilities for additional information. 

  1. If the facility selected offers multiple quantities, select the quantity of facilities you would like to submit a reservation for.

  2. Next, select the first date you would like added to your reservation. You can custom edit the start or end time in 5 minute increments by clicking the start or end time box and selecting your minutes.

  3. To replicate the designated timeslot to additional future dates, you may either click Select My Dates, which will allow you to choose dates yourself, or Repeat Weekly. Clicking Repeat Weekly will allow you to designate what days of the week the timeslot should repeat to. You may also select the end date for your reservation here. 

    1. Please note that when clicking “Add # days,” if any dates within the date range selected are unavailable, you will be notified and the dates will be omitted from your cart. 

  4. Alternatively, you may select additional dates for the same facility and timeslot by choosing Select My Dates.

Requesting Multiple Facilities

Once you have finished adding dates and timeslots for your first facility, the pop-up window shown below will appear.

Clicking Yes from this pop-up will generate a list of additional facilities that are available at the requested school site or Facility Owner.

Please note that choosing additional facilities at this step will apply the same dates and timeslots that have been requested for your original facility.

To add additional facilities with different dates or timeslots, you may click or select another facility for a dropdown of all available facilities at the chosen school site or district.

Clicking a facility from this drop down will bring you directly to the the Facility Details Page for that facility to proceed with choosing your required dates and timeslots. 

Once all facilities, dates, and timeslots have been added to your reservation for a designated school site or Facility Owner, finish creating your reservation by Checking Out. See Submitting a Reservation Request for additional information on how to do so.

Please note that one school site or district may be included per reservation request. To submit a reservation request for a facility at a different school site, district, or Facility Owner, an additional reservation request is required.  It is not currently possible to mix reservations across different Facility Owners, similar to how multiple reservations are not typically combined at most types of venues.