This article will assist Administrators with directing community renters to the rental site for their school or district.

What Is a Rental Request Site?

Facilitron creates community-facing rental sites for your school and district. These sites are where external renters can come to search, view, and request the facilities made available for public rental by the district. When community members ask about facility rentals, you can explain that the reservation request process is online, and direct them to your organization’s rental site.

Please note that only internal (school) activities are to be entered as internal requests in school or district accounts. All other requests must be entered as an external request through your school or district’s rental site - even if the reservation request should not have fees associated with it. For example, a school-related group such as PTA is an external group and need to request through the rental site, even if they do not pay fees to use school facilities. Please see Internal Reservations vs. External Reservations - What's The Difference? for more information. 

Where is the Rental Request Site for my School or District?

Your organization's rental site has a specific online web address (URL) - keep that web address handy! This address is usually linked from your organization's website, and can also be found by going to and typing in your organization's name into the What kind of space do you need? search field.

For example, the URL of the Columbus City Schools rental marketplace shown below is

It may also be helpful to provide the following support articles to your community members for assistance with getting started on the Facilitron platform, searching for your organization, and submitting a reservation:

If community members have trouble creating an account or placing a reservation request, they can contact Facilitron Support by email at, phone at (800) 272-2962, or live chat through our website for assistance.