Facilitron creates rental sites for your organization, or school and district. These are the community-facing sites where community groups can come to search, view and request the facilities made available by the district for rent to the public. This site is where any group who is outside the organization makes requests.

NOTE: Only internal (school) activities are entered as internal requests in school or district accounts (from the administrative back end of the platform). All other requests must be entered as an external request (on the community-facing front end) - whether or not the use has fees associated with it. For example, a school-related group such as PTA is an external group and need to request through the rental site, even if they do not pay fees to use school facilities. 


Informing community members about the Facilitron request process and directing them to your district's rental site is a simple but important part of moving to the digital application process.

There are TWO ways to direct requesters to your school or district site:

  1. Know the URL for your school or district and keep it handy. It is usually followed by a slash and initials for your district or school followed by its ZIP Code (""). There is often a link from your district's own website to this page. District website with Facilitron link screenshot and arrow pointing at link If you need help finding this URL, contact Facilitron support. Here's an example of a facility rental organization URL:
  2. Go to and type in the name of your school or district in the search bar. Its name should appear in the drop down and can be selected. That action will take you to the school or district site.

Facilitron homepage with search facility input circled screenshot

You may also watch this video overview for how to make a reservation request.