Required rate/fee estimates are automatically calculated

Fees presented during checkout are calculated per the Facility Owner Organization's policy for the particular rate schedule, time and date of a request. These estimates may include services not specifically requested (but required) - such as custodial, supplies or utilities - by Facility Owners.


If your organization is supposed to receive special rates, those rates must be approved by the Facility Owner Organization before they will automatically be served to you during the checkout process.

You may still place a request even if you don't think you're receiving the correct rates because the rates are reviewed by the Facility Owner Organization and can be adjusted after the request has been submitted. You should comment on the reservation (on the confirmation page or on the reservation detail page) to request a review of the rate you received after you have submitted your request.

Again, all fees are reviewed by the Facility Owner Organizations (school districts) at the time of approval and can be adjusted by the district administrator. Any adjustments will be reflected at the time of approval.

PLEASE NOTE: Facilitron cannot make changes to fees without authorization by the Facility Owner Organization.