This article will assist Renters with searching for facilities across Facilitron’s entire marketplace by location, district, or school site.


Searching for Facilities

Searching on offers many flexible options when you’re looking for a facility to rent. You can search by:

  • Facility type, e.g., a gym, pool, field, theater or more
  • Facility location, e.g., by city, state, zip code
  • School District, e.g., a particular school district
  • School site, e.g., a specific high, middle or elementary school

There’s two inputs in the search box on the Facilitron home page. Essentially we need to know what kind of space you need, and where you need it.

To search by Facility type or Facility location, type the facility you are looking for into the What kind of space do you need? field, followed by the general location (city, state, zip code) into the Where do you need it? field. You can also search using only the facility type or facility location.

To search for a facility within a particular school site or district, begin typing the school or district’s name into the What kind of space do you need? field. A dropdown menu will automatically appear with results for you to choose from.

Clicking on the school site or district from this dropdown will bring you directly to their storefront. For additional information, please see Requesting A Particular School or District.

Searching from a School Storefront

A school site or district’s storefront will show a carousel of some of their featured facilities. Clicking on a facility from the carousel will bring you directly to the Facility Details page for that facility. You can view photos, a description of the facility, rental availability, amenities, starting rates, capacity, and a map location of the facility on this page. Initially there are 3 facilities displayed, but you can navigate to more facilities using the left and right arrows at each side of the carousel.

If the facility you would like to reserve does not appear on the carousel, you may continue to search for it from the school site or district’s storefront by typing it into the search box where it says “Enter facility”.

Customizing your Search

You can tailor the search results page with the filters listed below in order to find the best facility for your needs.

  1. Facility Owner: This drop down filter allows you to select which school site or district you would like to view facilities for.

  2. Date and Time: This filter allows you to choose what specific dates you would like to submit a reservation for. Selecting date and time parameters will filter out any facilities that are not available for your requested dates and times.

  3. Map: Search results will dynamically update as you zoom in, zoom out and move the map. The numbered pins on the map indicate that there are multiple results found in close proximity to one another. Clicking the number on the pin will zoom in to that point on the map and display the results. A small overlay will appear on the map if there are multiple facilities at the same location. This overlay will list the facilities present. 

  4. See All Filters: This option will show additional filters that may be applied to your search, including Capacity, Distance, Facility Type, Amenities, and Equipment.

Search Tips and Tricks

  • The thumbnails for individual facilities on the search result page will allow you to scroll through and view all the images for a facility without having to select it.

  • You can easily glance at more details for any facility including possible uses, amenities, and availability using the Quick View feature. This feature allows you to stay on the search results page without having to navigate back and forth between multiple tabs as you browse facilities.

    • In Quick View, note that availability is color coded to indicate whether a day is unavailable (grey), completely available (green), or a percentage of availability (half and half). Hovering over your desired date will indicate the availability, and clicking on the date will tell you what hours are available.

  • Our search supports a dynamic range of search terms, including phrases like “I need a gym” or mixed activity searches like “football soccer.” The search also supports the following:

    • Punctuation football/turf, (football turf)

    • Plurals (gyms, gyms in San Jose)

    • You can also be specific in your search, such as “indoor basketball gym” or “basketball gyms”

Whether you're planning a single or recurring event, or simply exploring options for your specific needs, Facilitron’s dynamic search capabilities are here to help you find the right facility for your event.