Searching for facilities at allows you to search our entire marketplace or search a specific geographic area. 

  1. Go to our search bar and enter the type of facility you would like to find—for example, gym, theater, field, classroom, or multi-purpose room. Then enter the city or ZIP code of the area you would like to search—for example, San Jose, CA or 95201.

    The search will return all the facilities in the geographic area that you specified.

  2. From the search results, you may filter for specific days or capacities if you would like to only see facilities that are available for your specific dates.

    Screenshot: Filter search results by specific dates with filter buttons circled

    Screenshot: Filter date calendar screenshot

    Your results will change based on your preferences. You may use the map to view where the facility is located.

  3. Choose one of the facilities from the search results to view details and availability for that specific facility.  The calendar will show availability for dates in shades of gray.  The lightest shades indicate the most availability.

    Availibility calendar screenshot

  4. Clicking on an available date will reveal the times the facility is available.

    Available time screenshot.
  5. Select start and end times. You may choose additional dates like each Saturday for the next three weeks.

    Start and end time screenshot

    Once you have made your date and time selections, add it to your cart.

    Add to cart screenshot

  6. When you have your cart properly configured with the dates and times you want to request, click "Checkout" to continue through the checkout process.  When you submit your request, you will receive a confirmation email and your request will be "Pending" until it is reviewed by the facility owner organization for approval.