This article will assist Renters in understanding both date and timeslot availability on the Facilitron Marketplace.

What Does a Grayed Out Date or Timeslot Mean?

When searching for facilities to rent on Facilitron, coming across a Grayed Out date or timeslot indicates there is currently no availability on the calendar for a reservation request to be submitted.

When viewing a Facility Details Page (shown above), the calendar may show fully or partially grayed out dates.

  1. A fully grayed out date indicates that the date does not have any available timeslots to view or choose from.
  2. A partially grayed out date indicates that there is some availability. You may click on a partially grayed out date to view its available timeslots.
  3. At the bottom of the calendar widget is a sliding scale of the Availability in hours. Darker grayed out dates indicate little or no availability, and lighter grayed out dates indicate partial availability.

Clicking on a partially grayed out date will show you the available timeslots in white. Any grayed out timeslots indicate that there is no availability.

What Causes a Date or Timeslot to be Grayed Out?

If a date or timeslot is grayed out, or not showing availability, one of the following conditions exist:

  1. The facility is already booked for internal or external usage by another group.
  2. The request is outside of the configured rental hours set by the district or Facility Owner.
    1. If you are an after-school program, you may select a time slot that is available to proceed in submitting a reservation request. Please leave a comment at checkout requesting the desired times of usage if they were not available at the time of making the request. The district will then review the request and confirm that you are an authorized after school program, and edit your reservation to the requested times of usage.
  3. The district or Facility Owner has not yet released calendar availability to outside renter organizations for the date/s requested. 
    1. Please note that school sites do not have authorization to release calendar availability. This is solely determined by the district.
  4. Availability has already closed because the district or Facility Owner requires that a request is entered a certain number of days/weeks in advance for review and approval. This may also be referred to as a schedule delay.

Some rooms or facilities are not made available to the general public, and require special permission from the school, district or Facility Owner to be used. If the facility that you would like to request cannot be found on the marketplace, you may select a classroom or other general facility and leave a comment at checkout requesting the facility you would like to utilize. Your request will then be reviewed by the school, district, or Facility Owner who will confirm if your organization is permitted access to the requested facility. Please watch your email inbox and reservation details page for updates from the school regarding your facility request. 

Please note that Facilitron cannot override availability on behalf of your organization without authorization from the required administrators.