Renter accounts


When you sign up and create a renter account with Facilitron, you automatically create an individual account based on your email. If you also create an organization, you then automatically have your individual account associated with that organization. Anyone else who you want to associate with your account (see support article "Associating Users With Organization Accounts") to allow them to manage reservations or make requests on behalf of your organization must be added to your account by you or by Facilitron support at your request. Adding someone to your organization's account creates an individual account for them that's automatically associated with your organization.

No one can join your organization by creating their account and naming it the same as your account. Only you, or Facilitron support, can associate new users with your organization.

For example, your group has a new treasurer that you want to add to the organization to manage payments for your requests. You would add that user to the account and that person would have their own individual account that is also associated with your organization.


To sign up for a renter account, click Sign Up at

There are THREE types of Facilitron renter accounts.

  1. Individual
  2. Commercial
  3. Non-profit

Commercial and Non-profitaccounts are organizational accounts which will automatically associate the individual signing up to that organization. As stated above, organization accounts have one or more individual user accounts associated with them so that one or several people can manage reservations or make requests on behalf of that organization.

Users managing Commercial or Non-profit organizations are able to associate other Individual accounts with their organization. See the related support document, "Associating Users With Organization Accounts."