Facility quick start guide

Requesting a facility is easy. Simply search by facility or activity type and browse the search results. Create a reservation request with dates and times, then checkout. Fill out the application, payment info, and submit.

Fees presented during checkout are calculated per the Facility Owner Organization's policy for the particular rate schedule, time, and date of a request. These estimates may include services not specifically requested (but required)—such as custodial or utilities. All fees are reviewed by the Facility Owner Organizations at the time of approval and can be changed by the facility administrator. Adjustments will be reflected at the time of approval.

  1. Create Account. Create an account at Facilitron (if you don't have one already) and verify it through an email sent to your email address.
    Create account form
  2. Search Facilities. Enter facility or activity type and click "Search" to browse for available facilities. Click on a specific facility to view details.
    Facility search form
  3. Select and Add Times. Browse options, then select a facility and choose time slots according to availability. Click "Add" to add event to your shopping cart.
    Select start time form
  4. Build Reservation. Continue to add other facilities or dates and times to build your reservation, then proceed to checkout.
    Shopping cart checkout button
  5. Complete Application. Answer questions about your event including insurance and additional services or equipment. Then agree to the terms and conditions.
    Event form
  6. Review and Submit. Review estimated charges, enter payment info (if due) and click "Submit." Your request is then submitted and awaiting approval.
    Order summary to review and submit

Requests are subject to approval by the Facility Owner Organization and other terms and conditions before a use permit is issued.