This article will assist renters with locating the permit for their reservation request.

What Is a Permit?

A permit is the official document that confirms you are allowed access to use school, district, or other facilities. Your permit will contain a list of all dates, timeslots, and facilities you are permitted to use, and will also include a QR code for administrators to scan and confirm access at the time of your arrival.

Where Can I Find My Permit?

You facility use permit will be generated only on Approved reservations. If your reservation has not yet been approved by the administrators, a permit will not be generated.

Once your reservation has been Approved, you may view, download, and print a PDF of your permit by navigating to your Reservation Details Page (see Finding Reservations/Navigating to the Reservation Details Page - Renters for additional assistance) and clicking on the Permit PDF icon located in the Reservation ID Header.

You will then be brought to an external link that contains the PDF. From here, you may view, download, or print your permit. The first page of your permit will contain a link to the school site or district’s Terms and Conditions, a QR code to scan upon entry, and may contain information regarding a first point of contact if you are experiencing a lockout during your event.

  • If your permit does not contain a first point of contact for lockouts, or if the contact is unreachable, please reach out to (800) 272-2962 for lockout assistance, and see What Happens if I Am Locked Out of the Facility? for additional information and assistance.

All additional pages of your permit will contain details regarding the dates, timeslots, and facilities you are permitted to use on campus.

We recommend that you either print out your permit and keep it safe and on hand, or download it to your mobile device for reference at any point. You can always simply log in to your Facilitron account and pull it up from your reservation details page at any time.