This article will assist Renters with understanding when and how they will receive approval notifications for their reservations.

Facilitron does not approve reservations and cannot alter the timeline for a district to approve a reservation. Approvals can only be determined by the Facility Owner and authorized administrators. Please see the support article When Will My Reservation Be Approved? for more information.

Receiving an Approval Notification

Once the Facility Owner administrator has made a decision on whether your reservation will be Approved or Declined, you will receive a notification to the email address used when creating the reservation.

Clicking on the blue hyperlinked 'clicking here' and 'see permit' on the first two lines indicated in the email above will bring you to a downloadable PDF of your reservation’s permit. Clicking the blue hyperlinked 'see details', or 'click here' in the second and third lines indicated in the example above will bring you to your Reservation Details page, where you may review your request, make a comment, or request a change or cancellation.