This article details when and how a refund can be issued.

When Can a Refund be Processed?

A refund can be processed when there is a credit due on your reservation. This will appear as a negative dollar amount on your reservation, in the Due section.

A credit may be due back to you when a reservation is Cancelled or Declined (please see Cancelling A Reservation and Declined Requests for more information). A credit may also be due back to you when adjustments are made to your reservation by the Facility Owner.

You can always check the History section of your reservation (see Commenting on a Reservation - Renters for more information) to see what changes may have been made that resulted in a credit back to you.

How Can I Request a Refund?

If your Reservation has been Cancelled, or has been Declined with a refund in excess of $5,000.00:

Refund requests are collected and dispersed via the Refund Request Form. We intend to process new refund requests within 10 business days. For updates on the status of a refund submitted via the Refund Request Form 10 or more business days prior, please call Facilitron Customer Support at 800-272-2962 for assistance.

If you are requesting a refund via a Physical Check, please provide the following information:

  1. Name that the check should be made payable to            

  2. First & Last Name of the person requesting the refund

  3. Where the check should be mailed:   Address / City / State / Zip

  4. Phone number of the person requesting the refund

  5. Email address of the person requesting the refund

If your Reservation has been Declined with a refund of $5,000.00 or less:

If your reservation has been Declined and you've made a payment with an e-check, credit card or PayPal, you may go to the Reservation Details page to initiate an automated refund via the Request Refund button. You can read more about Declined Requests in this support article.

Can I Apply my Refund to Another Reservation?

Absolutely. To request a current reservation credit be moved to another reservation, please enter this in the comments section of the Refund Request Form.

Will the Payment Processing Fee be Included?

The 3.5% payment processing fee that is assessed on Credit, Debit Card or PayPal payments can be refunded only when a full and complete refund is made to your method of payment - this is essentially a reversal of the transaction. If there is an application fee, cancellation fee, or any other fee that would prevent this from being a full and complete refund, the payment processing fee will not be included in the refund.

The payment processing fee is also not included when refunds are made to your Facilitron Account Balance, as this would not be a reversal of the transaction.

My Method of Payment Has Since Been Compromised or is No Longer In Use

If you would like to receive a refund back to you instead of your Facilitron Account Balance, but the original Method of Payment is no longer able to receive the refund, then a Physical Check refund will be required. To request a refund via Physical Check, please fill out the Refund Request Form with the following required information:

Payee Name (Person/Organization the check should be made payable to):

Payee Primary Contact First/Last Name:

Payee Address/City/State/Zip (Where the check will be mailed):

Payee Phone:

Payee Email:

PayPal Refund Information

Please note that if your Method of Payment and intended refund destination is PayPal, refunds can only be processed within 180 days. Afterwards, a Physical Check refund is required.