This article will assist Renters in finding a particular school, district, or Facility Owner to submit a reservation request for.

You may search for a specific school site, district, or Facility Owner in the search bar on the Facilitron Homepage to go directly to that organization's storefront. From there, you can search for facilities within one district or Facility Owner.

To search for a facility within a particular school site or district, begin typing the school or district’s name into the What kind of space do you need? field. A dropdown will automatically appear with results for you to choose from.

Districts and school sites with their own storefronts on Facilitron will be indicated with a ↗ icon. Clicking this will take you directly to the storefront for the school or district. 

A school site or district’s storefront will show a carousel of some of their featured facilities. Clicking on a facility from this carousel will bring you directly to the facility’s storefront, where you can view photos, a description of the facility, availability, amenities, starting rates, capacity, and a map location of the facility. Please see Submitting a Reservation Request for additional information.

If the facility you would like to submit a reservation for does not appear on the carousel, you may continue to search for it from the school site or district’s storefront.

You may also go to a school or district's website and locate the link to their Facilitron storefront under their Facility Rental Information section.