This article answers most of the frequently asked questions renters or vendors may have. 

Who should the Certificate Holder list? 

Unless stated otherwise, the Certificate Holder must always list the Facility Owner along with the exact Facility Owner address. The Certificate Holder box can never be left blank, nor should it ever list your organization.

For example, if your reservation is in La Mesa-Spring Valley, the Certificate Holder must be shown as below;

What should be listed in the Insured field? 

The “Insured” box must list your organization’s or parent organization's name and address.

For example, if your organization’s name is Chopped Cheese Inc, the Insured name and address should be shown as below;

Alternatively, if your Renter Organization is Girl Scout Troop 1234, the Insured name and address may be shown as below;

What is a separate Additional Insured endorsement page? 

If required by the Facility Owner, this is a separate page from your Certificate of Insurance. The form that is most often provided is an Acord form CG 20 26. This form must have matching policy number to that of Certificate of Insurance. Unless the Facility Owner accepts blanket endorsements, the Facility Owner name and address must also be listed on the separate Additional Insured endorsement page.

What is a policy number? Is it required?

This is the number that is assigned to a policy at issuance to identify what policy was in place in the event of a loss. The policy number is a required field. 

What coverage limits are required? 

Required policy types and coverage amounts are set by each district and thus vary from school district to school district. You may view the specific district requirements by clicking "view insurance requirements" during the checkout process, from the Insurance Page on your dashboard, or from the Insurance Section of your Reservation Details Page. You can also call us at (800) 272-2962 with any questions.

What if my insurance is invalidated?

If your Certificate of Insurance (COI) is found to be invalid or missing requirements, you will receive an email from our Support team upon review & invalidation regarding the exact changes required in order for your insurance to be accepted by the District.

What if my organization is Self-Insured?

If you are a government entity or other Self-Insured organization, please upload your letter or certificate of Self-Insurance to the Insurance Section of your reservation or organization (see How Do I Upload My Certificate of Insurance (COI)?). Our Support team will review and confirm with the Facility Owner if your document satisfies their requirements, and will either verify or reach out to you with required revisions.

Can I be exempt from certain requirements? (Workers Compensation, Automobile Coverage, S.A.M.)

Some Facility Owners may allow renters to be exempt from certain requirements such as Workers Compensation Coverage, Automobile Coverage, and S.A.M. (Sexual Abuse and Molestation). Please check the Facility Owner’s Insurance Terms (see How Do I Upload My Certificate of Insurance (COI)? for information on where to find these terms) for information regarding exemption requirements.

Please also ensure that any relevant application questions are answered correctly at checkout when submitting a reservation request, as this may impact your ability to receive an exemption.

Does my Vendor need to provide a COI?

Most Facility Owners will require any Vendor’s present at your event to supply a Certificate of Insurance (COI) satisfying their insurance requirements. For more information, see How Do I Upload My Vendor's Certificate of Insurance (COI)?

The Facility Owner/District previously accepted my insurance, why is it now invalid?

Facilitron enforces the insurance requirements set by the Facility Owner. Facility Owner’s may update their requirements as needed; to ensure that your Certificate of Insurance (COI) is compliant with the Facility Owner’s current insurance requirements. You can review their Insurance terms from your Reservation Details Page or the Insurance Page (see How Do I Upload My Certificate of Insurance (COI)? for information on where to find these terms).

If you have further questions for the Facility Owner regarding their current requirements you may leave a comment on your Reservation Details Page for the administrators to review and respond. You may also reach out to our Support team at (800) 272-2962 for further clarification or assistance.

For additional information on Insurance, please see these related support articles; How Do I Upload My Certificate of Insurance (COI)? How Do I Upload My Vendor's Certificate of Insurance (COI)? and What is a Certificate of Insurance (COI)?