This article will assist Renters experiencing a lockout on the date of their scheduled reservation.

If you are unable to access facilities at the time of your scheduled event, you may reach out to Facilitron Support for assistance in attempting to contact district staff to unlock facilities on your behalf. 

Please note the following criteria that your reservation request must meet in order to be considered a lockout:

  • Your reservation must be Approved.
    • If your reservation was Declined, Cancelled or is currently in a Pending status you do not have authorization to be at the school site. 
    • If your event was Approved, an email from Facilitron will have been sent to you with a PDF permit from the district. This PDF permit will list all dates, times, facilities, services and equipment on your reservation, as well as a scannable QR code for access. Along with this information, the district may also include a first point of contact for assistance on the day of your event that may be able to assist you in accessing facilities. 

  • It must be at or shortly after the time of your approved, scheduled event starttime.
    • Usage of facilities prior to the approved event start time is not allowed. If you are on site prior to your official event start time listed on your reservation in Facilitron, also shown on your PDF permit, you may not use facilities until your approved event start time. For example, if your start time is 6:00pm, you are not authorized to access facilities earlier than 6:00pm on the dot. School staff will provide access at the approved event start time

It is After My Approved Event Start Time and I Cannot Access Facilities

Please reach out to Facilitron support at (800) 272-2962 and say “lockout” at the requested prompt. Our support team will then begin attempting to locate school staff that are on site. Please note that staff may be busy assisting other groups. If so, you may be able to find site staff at another facility on site or get into contact with district staff to assist with unlocking authorized facilities on your behalf.

What to Do if You Are Unable to Access Facilities

If all attempts to locate school site staff or contact district staff are unsuccessful, please be sure to leave a comment on your Reservation Details page regarding the lockout. This documentation allows for administrators to follow up with their staff to ensure this is prevented in the future, as well as issue you any applicable refund.