Was your event approved? 

If your event was approved, you should have automatically received an email with a PDF permit from the District. This PDF permit will list all dates, times, facilities, services and equipment on your reservation, as well as include a scannable QR code for access. If your reservation was declined, cancelled or currently in a pending status you do not have authorization to be on the school site. 

Is it before your event start time?

Usage of facilities prior to the approved event start time is not allowed. If you are on site prior to your official event start time listed on your reservation in Facilitron (also shown on your PDF permit), you may not use facilities until your approved event start time. School staff will provide access at the appropriate event start time.

Is it after your event start time and facilities are still locked? 

You should first attempt to locate school site staff on campus to report the lockout and request access. 

If school staff cannot be located onsite, please call (800) 272-2962 to report the lockout by stating "lockout" at the prompt. Our team will attempt to get in contact with District staff to unlock the facilities on your behalf.