This article will assist Renters with receiving and locating invoices for reservation requests.

If your reservation request is Approved, an invoice will automatically be generated and sent to your email address for the full amount owed. Subsequent invoice reminders will be sent leading up to your reservation date until payment is received in line with the facility owner’s payment policy.

Depending on the facility owner, if you have an ongoing reservation you may be permitted to pay on a monthly basis in line with the facility owner’s payment policy. If you have been permitted to pay on a monthly basis, you will receive an invoice on a monthly basis for the partial amount due.

Finding an Invoice from an Email

If you receive an email from Facilitron requesting payment be made to your reservation, there will be a blue hyperlinked link in the “Please follow this link to pay your invoice” line. Clicking this link will bring you directly to the Current Invoice page on your renter dashboard.

If you receive an email from Facilitron with an invoice attached (these are typically invoices sent manually by Facilitron Support or Administrators), you may either select the blue hyperlinked click this link, or copy and past the link into your browser. These links will bring you to a PDF version of an invoice for your reservation, that you will be able to view and print.

Clicking the blue hyperlinked (see details) link next to your Reservation ID will bring you directly to your Reservation Details page to review your request and submit payment.

Finding an Invoice from your Renter Dashboard

An invoice may be found from your Renter Dashboard on your Current Invoice page and your Reservation Details page.

To find an invoice from your Current Invoice page, first log in to your account or organization and navigate to your Renter Dashboard (see Using the Dashboard - Renters for additional information and assistance).

From the left hand navigation menu, click the Payments dropdown and select Current Invoice.

In the upper right hand corner, there will be a cloud icon with a downward arrow. Clicking this icon will allow you to download a PDF of your current invoice for reservations with an amount due. Clicking the printer icon next to the cloud will allow you to print a copy of this invoice.

To view and download a copy of your invoice from your Reservation Details page, first navigate to the reservation (see Finding Reservations/Navigating to the Reservation Details Page - Renters for additional assistance).

In the Invoice widget of your Reservation Details page, click the Amount + button to expand a list of automatic and manual invoices sent for the reservation.

If any manual invoices have been sent, a dollar amount next to a red PDF icon will be displayed. Clicking on the red PDF icon will bring you to a web page where you may view, download, or print a PDF version of your invoice.

For additional assistance with submitting payment for a reservation, please see How to Make A Payment.