This support article will assist Administrators with sending invoices from the Reservation Details page. 

One of the conveniences offered in Facilitron Scheduling and Reservations (S+R) is the ability to invoice renters directly from the Reservation Details page. The Invoices section offers cumulative and monthly invoices, and either can be sent out at any time.

Locating the Invoices Section of the Reservation Details Page

First, start by navigating to the Reservation Details page for the reservation that needs to be invoiced. An example of this page is below. 

Scroll down until you see the Invoices section on the left side of this page. In the Invoices section, you will find the buttons for Cumulative Invoice and Monthly Statement options.


1. Sending a Cumulative Invoice

A Cumulative Invoice shows all of the charges and payments made over a certain time period, as well as the remaining amount due. This invoicing option shows how charges and payments have been allocated according to individual date. 

You may check and uncheck dates to customize the invoice according to what’s required. 

Below the dates, you will see an option to Select a Date. This feature allows you to put a due date on the invoice so the renter knows when payment needs to be made by. A Message textbox is also present for sending notes along with the invoice. 

The renter’s contact info will automatically populate in the Contact Info section. If you are renting to an organization and would like to CC additional users within the renter organization (in addition to the designated contact), click the Select User button to choose additional users to send the invoice to. You may also enter other email addresses in the Email Address field if the additional receivers aren’t users in the organization. 

Please note that if you hit Close, that your customizations will not be saved. To send the invoice, press Send.  

2. Sending a Monthly Statement

A Monthly Statement will invoice monthly according to the months of your choosing. You may choose individual months, or all months with this invoicing option. The Monthly Statement shows the fees for the designated month, even if payment has been made.

Here, you can choose which months you would like to invoice for. Monthly invoices feature the same customization options that are present on the cumulative invoice, like being able to add a Message and CC additional users. 

Underneath the Message text box, you can confirm to include the message on the monthly statement, as well as select to have your district’s logo displayed on the invoice email. The logo feature is unique to the monthly invoices.

For questions or additional assistance regarding invoicing, please contact Facilitron Support via phone at (800) 272-2962 or email us at We’re happy to help!