Depending on your role and privileges, you may have the ability to issue an invoice for payment due on a reservation. 

First, locate the Invoice section on the Reservation Details Page. 

Cumulative Invoice and Monthly Statement

The invoice section of a reservation's detail page now includes two options for creating invoices and statements—Cumulative Invoice and Monthly Statement. 

The Cumulative Invoice allows administrators to create and send an invoice for all unpaid uses in a reservation or a partial subset of uses. Clicking the button opens the side panel window with each use in the reservation listed. Uses that are already paid appear in green. Unpaid uses appear in red and by default are all checked. 

Sending an invoice in the default configuration will generate a cumulative invoice for the entire reservation. The invoice will summarize the amount owed and reflect any payments to date. 

Itemized charges for each use are also detailed on additional pages of the invoice.

Administrators may uncheck unpaid uses that appear in red to partially invoice for a subset of future uses. This might be the desired action if only the upcoming month’s invoices were due and not the following months—typical with reservations that span multiples months or a full year.

Admins may also select a "Due Date" for payment and add a custom message, such as, "Please review and submit payment by the indicated due date." 

The Monthly Statement allows administrators to send statements that aggregate all uses by month with a total amount listed for each month. 

The Monthly Statement does not reflect payments, only the total uses by month with a summary of itemized charges also detailed on subsequent pages of the statement. Administrators are allowed to choose one or more months to include.

Included in both options are address and email fields and on the Monthly Statement an option for including the message text and branding.