This support article will assist Administrators with customizing their email notifications.

To customize the emails you receive beyond your role configuration, begin by navigating to your Facilitron profile. From your Administrator Dashboard click on your email address dropdown in the upper lefthand corner, and click My Profile.

From your profile page, you may choose to Unsubscribe from designated emails. Note that you may or may not already be receiving these emails per your role configuration.

  1. Role Based: By default, all email configurations will be opted into the Role-Based option. This means that if the role you are assigned, as configured by your district, receives the subject email, you will as well. 
  2. Unsubscribed: Unsubscribing from an email you would normally receive per your role configuration will prevent you from receiving this subject email until you opt back into Role-Based

Please note that if you are an administrator at multiple sites, with different roles at each site, the email notification customization here will apply to all roles at all sites.

You can always opt back in to email types by re-selecting them under the Role-Based column.