This article will explain the different Methods of Payment accepted by Facilitron, as well as Where and How payment may be submitted.

Accepted Methods of Payment

Payment can be made via:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • eCheck
  • PayPal
  • Account Balance
  • Physical check

Please note that all payments should be made via the Facilitron platform, not directly to the Facility Owner.

Where to Submit Payment

If you wish to pay online via Credit/Debit Card, eCheck, PayPal, or your Account Balance, you may do so from two places: the Current Invoice page and the Reservation Details page. You may reach either of these pages from an Emailed Invoice or your Renter Dashboard.

Paying from an Emailed Invoice

When payment is due for your reservation, you will be emailed an Invoice with instructions on how to submit payment. Click the link in the email to open your invoice, or click See Details next to your Reservation ID to be brought directly to your Reservation Details page to submit payment.

From the linked Invoice page, you can click on the Reservation ID, the Pay Now button, or the payment link at the bottom of the page to be brought directly to your Reservation Details page to submit payment.

Paying from the Renter Dashboard

You may also find and submit payment via your Current Invoice on your Renter Dashboard.

From your dashboard you may either select:

  1. Current Invoice under the Payment tab from the left hand menu
  2. Payment Details in the Payment widget box

Under Current Invoice you will see the payment owed for all of your reservations with either the Minimum or Total amount due.

  • Please note that the Minimum amount due will show the amount, if any, that is currently owed on your reservation for the current month, plus the following month. The Total amount due will show the total estimated remaining amount due for your reservation. 

  • You must select either the Minimum or Total amount due when making payment from the Current Invoice page. If you wish to submit payment for an other amount, you should submit payment from the Reservation Details page.
  • Once an amount is selected, you may pay either by Credit/Debit Card or eCheck. Fill in your information, and if you wish, Save for future use.

Once all information is filled in and looks correct after review, please click Submit. You should see a pop-up message confirming the amount you are due to pay. If all looks correct, please click Confirm. An email will be sent to you once payment has been received, and a receipt can be generated from the Payment History page.

Paying from the Reservation Details page

After accessing the Reservation Details page either from an Email, Invoice, or Current Invoice page, scroll down to the Payment section.

  • From the Reservation Details page, the Full Amount or an Other Amount may be paid. Selecting Other Amount and typing in the designated amount you would like to pay towards your balance will automatically calculate the Payment Processing Fee for the transaction.
    • The Payment Processing fee is a 3.5% fee that applies to all payments submitted via Credit/Debit Card or PayPal. This fee is applied to PayPal and Credit/Debit card payments from the payment processor that Facilitron uses. It is not a Facilitron specific fee, therefore this fee cannot be waived or reduced. Payment may also be submitted via eCheck (flat fee of $0.95 per transaction) or Physical Check (no processing fee).
  • Once the information is filled in, you will also have the option to Save for future use.
    • If you choose to save this payment method for future use, please use a meaningful nickname for your payment method, such as “Laguna Beach FC - Visa”. Do not enter the numbers into the nickname field.

Once all information is filled in and looks correct after review, please click Submit to submit payment. An email will be sent to you once payment has been received, and a receipt may be generated from the Payment History page.

Paying with your Facilitron Account Balance

You may have credit in your Facilitron Account Balance after receiving a refund from a previous reservation if you opt not to have the refund made to your Method of Payment. You may also have credit in your Account Balance if a physical check is sent prior to a reservation being created in your account.

If you send in a physical check without a Reservation ID directing which reservation the check should be applied to, the check will be applied to your Account Balance by default.
Your Account Balance may be used to submit payment to reservations either from the Reservation Details page or from your Current Invoice.

The Payment widget will display the above notice on your Renter Dashboard if there are funds in your Account Balance, as well as an amount due on your reservation(s).

Please note that when paying from the Current Invoice, your Account Balance will automatically be applied to the selected amount. If the selected amount payable is more than what is in your Account Balance, then additional payment options will appear as well.
Please note that when paying from the Reservation Details page, you may first select Use Account Balance and click Submit. If additional payment is required, a separate transaction will need to be made.

Paying by Check

To mail your payment by check or money order:

Please make your check for the total amount payable to Facilitron Inc. (Facilitron, Inc. is the authorized processor of all payments).

Include a printout of the confirmation email for your reservation, or write the reservation ID # on your check. This will ensure that the payment is applied to the correct reservation.

Mail to:

Facilitron - Requests
PO Box 1935
Los Gatos, CA

If you have any questions you may leave a comment on the reservation details page or contact us directly at