This article will assist Renters in understanding what rate categories are, and how they are assigned.

What are Rate Categories?

When you want to rent a space at a Facility Owner such as a school district, Rate Categories help to determine the fees that you will be charged to rent the space, and any insurance requirements that may need to be satisfied.

It’s important to note that the Rate Categories and associated pricing or rates, are dictated by the school district, and not by Facilitron.

How are Rate Categories Assigned?

If you have not previously submitted a reservation within a district, your rate category will automatically be assigned based on your Account Type. For more information about Account Types, please see Account Types for Renters.

In general, there are two default rate categories that may be assigned to you. They are:

  • Non-Profit: If you register your renter organization as a Non-Profit with a valid FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number), you may automatically be assigned the default non-profit rate category for the district(s) you are reserving in.
    • Please note that not all districts have a non-profit specific rate category. If a district does not have a default non-profit rate category, you will be assigned the default commercial rate category.
  • Commercial: If you have an Individual/Personal Use account, or a Commercial renter organization, you will automatically be assigned the default commercial rate category for the district(s) you are reserving in.

It’s important to know that the fees quoted in the checkout process are the closest estimate we can determine based on the information in your reservation request, and the information we have from the school at the time. Reservation requests are reviewed by the district or Facility Owner and may need to be updated in which case the price may change, according to their fee policy, or arrangements with your renter group.

You may still submit a reservation request, even if you believe your renter organization should receive special rates.

For information on receiving rates other than what you or your organization are assigned by default, please see Receiving Special Rental Rates.