This article will help you navigate your Renter Dashboard and manage your Reservation Requests.

Finding the Dashboard

Before you can access your Renter Dashboard, you will first need to Log In. Enter your email address and then your password when prompted.

After logging in you may automatically brought to your Renter Dashboard. If you are not, please follow the below steps to navigate to the Dashboard.

  1. Click Accounts and Dashboard in the upper right hand corner of the Facilitron home page.
  2. From the Accounts and Dashboard page, select what Organization you would like to access the dashboard for (if you are in more than one Organization).
  3. Click Dashboard.

Using the Dashboard

From your Renter Dashboard you can view your Payment Due, Upcoming Events, and Pending Reservations at a glance. You can also search for other facilities to make a New Request.

  1. Payments: This box will show you both the current Total balance due on your account, as well as the Minimum amount due in order to keep your account current, and avoid becoming Past Due.
  2. Upcoming Events: This box will show your Approved upcoming events, as well as any issues that may need to be resolved in order to prevent your event from being suspended.
  3. Pending Requests: This box will show any reservation requests that are still in Pending status.
  4. New Request: This box is a shortcut to our home page - search for facilities here to being submitting a new Reservation Request.
  5. Payments Dropdown: The dropdown here will allow you to choose from three different pages; Current Invoice, Payment History, and Payment Methods.
    1. Current Invoice: This page will show all reservations with an amount due, the Minimum and Total amount due, and will allow you to submit payment via Credit Card or eCheck. Please note: if you wish to submit payment for an amount other than the minimum or total amount due for a reservation, you must do so from the Reservation Details page. See How to Make a Payment for more information.
    2. Payment History: This page will show a record of your payment history, allow you to download PDF receipts for payments, and show your previous and remaining Account Balance that may be used to submit payment for reservations.
    3. Payment Methods: This page will allow you to view and manage your Saved Payment Methods.
  6. Insurance Page: View your reservations with Missing or Invalid Certificates of Insurance, as well as the Insurance Requirements from the Facility Owners.
  7. Reservations Page: View, sort, and search all the reservations in your Organization.