This article will assist Renters in understanding the information or documents required in order to verify non-profit status and receive non-profit rates.

Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)

Most Facility Owners (school districts) require non-profit organizations to supply their FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) and have it verified in the system to qualify for non-profit status. A  501(c)(3) may also be required, depending on the Facility Owner.

Please note that the FEIN provided must match your renter organization’s name for verification purposes. If the FEIN provided is determined to be for an organization or entity with a different name, your non-profit status will not be verified. Please note, not all Facility Owner Organizations (school districts) have non-profit rates.

Receiving Non-Profit and Special Rates

Depending on the Facility Owner’s rate categories, if your organization is registered as a Non-Profit at creation (see Signing Up and Creating a Renter Organization), you may receive non-profit rates upon reservation creation. If you do not receive non-profit rates, please ensure that all required information outlined above is provided, and reach out to Facilitron Support at (800) 272-2962 or for additional assistance.

Groups that are to receive special rates, other than non-profit rates, must first have their organization approved to receive those rates by the Facility Owner. Facilitron does not assign the facility and service rates for a renter. This is assigned by the school district. 

If your renter organization has not previously submitted a reservation to a particular Facility Owner, and has not yet been assigned the proper rate category, you may still proceed in submitting a reservation request. Once the request has been submitted, please leave a comment on your Reservation Details page (see Commenting on a Reservation - Renters) asking the Facility Owner to review your rate category and advise if an update may be made.

For additional support, please see the following articles:

Florida Non-Profits and Tax Exempt Status

Renter organizations submitting reservation requests in the state of Florida are subject to Florida State Sales Tax. If your organization is exempt from Florida State Sales Tax, a Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption naming your renter organization must be provided via the Document section of your reservation.

Please see How do I Upload my Document? (Non Profit Determination Letter, Team Roster, Tax Exemption Letter, etc) for additional information.