How to comment on a reservation

Leaving a comment on a reservation is the recommended way to communicate to the facility owner organization (school district), Facilitron support or others in your organization about a reservation or event. Questions, requests, updates, etc., all should be added as a comment which generates notifications to all stakeholders to take action.

First start by going to the reservation details page. You can find the reservation on:

  1. the dashboard
  2. the calendar
  3. from a link in a Facilitron confirmation email
  4. or you may search for the reservation by using the reservation ID number:

Reservation search screenshot with reservation ID circled in search and pointed out

Once you've found your reservation, click on the Reservation ID to open the Reservation Details Page

Reservation detail page

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Comments/History section, where you can track changes and make any comments to the district and Facilitron staff.

Comments/History box screenshot with Comment button pointed out

Comments/History box submitted screenshot with comment already submitted