Leaving a comment on your Reservation Details Page is the recommended way to communicate to the Facility Owner for your reservation. Please note that in order to request any changes made to your reservation, a Change Request should be made instead of a comment. If you would like to get in contact with Facilitron Support regarding your reservation, you can reach out to us at (800) 272-2962 or support@facilitron.com with your Reservation ID, and we’re happy to help.

First start by going to the reservation details page. You can find the reservation on:

  1. Your Renter Dashboard (see Using The Dashboard - Renters)
  2. Your Calendar
  3. From a link in a Facilitron Confirmation Email

Or, you may search for your reservation by using the Reservation ID number or Event Name:

Once you've found your reservation, click on the blue hyperlinked Reservation ID to open the Reservation Details Page.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Comments/History section. You may enter your comment to the Facility Owner here, and click Comment.

You may also select the History checkbox at the top of this section to view a log of changes made to your reservation.