Leaving comments on a reservation is how to communicate with renters, staff, Facilitron support and any other stakeholders involved in a reservation. Email notifications are generated from these comments. You may choose to make a comment internal which would not include renters, or you may pick specific people to have notified about a comment (see below).

To leave a comment, start by going to that reservation's detail page. You can either find the reservation on the calendar or search for the reservation by using the reservation ID number:

Once you've found your reservation, click on the Reservation ID to open the Reservation Details Page

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Comments/History section, where you can track changes and make any comments to the renter and Facilitron staff.


You can also make an internal comment that the renter cannot see or send a comment to a select recipient. An Internal Comment can be seen by anyone except the Renter. A comment to a select recipient will directly send an email notification to that individual. All Internal Comments will be marked in red.