This article will assist Administrators with removing one or more dates and/or timeslots from a reservation. Please note that your ability to remove dates or timeslots will depend on your role configuration.

If a reservation contains dates or timeslots that conflict with an existing event, or that cannot be accommodated, it is NOT necessary to cancel or decline the entire reservation. You may remove one or more dates or timeslots from the Reservation Details page. Please see Finding Reservations/Navigating To The Reservation Details Page for assistance navigating to the Reservation Details page if needed.

Removing Multiple Dates or Timeslots from the Schedule

If a Pending OR Approved reservation contains dates or timeslots that conflict with another Approved reservation, then a Time Conflicts widget will appear in red in the upper right hand section of the Reservation Details page. This widget will show the date, facility, timeslot, and Reservation ID that conflicts with dates on the reservation you are currently accessing.

Clicking a hyperlinked Reservation ID from the Time Conflicts widget will take you to the conflicting reservation's Reservation Details page.

Click the plus or minus symbol (+ / -)in the upper right hand corner of this, or any, widget to expand or collapse the widget.

Once you have determined which dates and/or timeslots will need to be removed from either the original reservation, or the reservation you’ve “jumped” to from the Time Conflicts widget, you may click the Schedule dropdown for the reservation's list of timeslots to appear.

  • If only a single facility’s timeslot needs to be removed from a date that contains multiple facilities/timeslots, be sure to click the checkbox that corresponds only to that facility. (See boxed example above)        

    • Please note that clicking anywhere in the greyed out area for a date will automatically select all facilities and timeslots for that date.

  • If a date contains only one facility and timeslot, proceed in selecting the checkbox for that date.

Once all dates and/or individual timeslots are selected, click Delete Timeslots to remove them from the reservation’s schedule.

Removing a Single Date or Timeslot from a Reservation

Additionally, you may also remove a single date or timeslot from a reservation from the Reservation Timeslots section.

  • First, navigate to the date of the reservation to be removed or altered, and click Edit.

  • If the date contains multiple facilities, navigate to the facility’s timeslot that will need to be removed and click Modification for a dropdown menu to appear. Click Delete Timeslot to remove the individual facility’s timeslot from the reservation date.

    • Please note that if the date contains only one facility, the above steps will remain the same, but the entire date will be removed.

After clicking Delete Timeslot a confirmation pop-up will appear, listing the timeslot that is going to be removed from the reservation. Click Yes to proceed.

Notifying Users of the Change

After removing a date or timeslot from a reservation, be sure to leave a comment for both the renter and any relevant administrators, notifying them of the change and why it was made.

For additional assistance and information regarding comments, please see 

Commenting on a Reservation - Administrators.