This article will assist Administrators with leaving an internal comment on a reservation. Internal comments should be used to communicate with staff, Facilitron support, and any other stakeholders involved with a reservation except for the Renter.

To leave an internal comment, start by going to to the Reservation Details page. Please see Finding Reservations/Navigating To The Reservation Details Page for assistance navigating to the Reservation Details page if needed.

Once on the Reservation Details page, scroll down to the Comments/History section, and begin typing your message into the Comment Here box.

Once you have written your message check Internal comment, and determine what stakeholders on the reservation (aside from the renter) should review and address the comment.

By selecting the Internal Comment checkbox and leaving Standard Distribution selected, you can make an internal comment that all internal users (administrators) will see. All internal users set to receive a comment notification will be notified.

By selecting the Internal Comment checkbox and selecting Select Recipients, a dropdown menu will appear for you to pick and choose who will be notified of the comment. You may filter the list of recipients by name or role.

Please note that all other internal users and Facilitron staff will still be able to view the comment left, but only the user selected from the list of recipients will receive an email notification.

You may filter the list of recipients by name, site, or role.

All Internal Comments will be marked in red. Comments that are not internal and include renters are marked in green.

If you require assistance from Facilitron Staff on a reservation and would like to alert us to your comment, you may select the Alert Facilitron checkbox. Please see Using "Alert Facilitron" with Comments for additional information and assistance.