This article will assist Administrators in understanding the different types of comments that can be made, and when to make them using the Comments Section of the Reservation Details page.

Comments may be used to communicate with renters or other site administrators, as well as to Facilitron personnel. Leaving a comment will generate an email notification to designated stakeholders on the reservation. You may choose to make a comment internal which would not include renters, or you may choose Select recipients to be notified when the comment is left.

To leave a comment, start by going to the Reservation Details page, either from an email, your administrator dashboard, or the calendar. Please see Using the Dashboard - Administrators and Finding the Reservation Details Page for additional assistance in locating the Reservation Details page.

The Comments section is located at the bottom of the Reservation Details page.

By default, the comments and history section will sort from oldest at the top to newest at the bottom. To sort by newest first at the top, please click the Newest First checkbox.

  1. History/Comments/COI: These checkboxes will filter your current view of the comments/history section. If a renter has supplied a Certificate of Insurance, a COI box will also populate to collapse or expand the COIs status update provided in the comments section. By default, the comments and COI (if applicable) checkboxes will be selected.
  2. Comments: To communicate with a renter, administrator, or Facilitron personnel, begin by typing your message here.
  3. Internal Comment/Alert Facilitron: By default, neither of these checkboxes will be selected.
    1. If the comment being left should not be available for renters to view, click Internal Comment. Only other administrators at this site or district, and Facilitron personnel, will be able to view the comment. All internal comments will be marked in red, while all external comments will be marked in green.
    2. If you require assistance from Facilitron personnel, clicking the Alert Facilitron checkbox will alert the Facilitron support team to your comment. For more information on Facilitron alerts, please see Using "Alert Facilitron" with Comments.
  4. Standard Distribution/Select Recipients: By default, the Standard Distribution option will be selected.
    1. Making a Standard Distribution comment will send an email to alert any and all individuals whose communication settings include this reservation. If the comment is being left externally, this will include the renter.
    2. Choosing to leave a comment for Select Recipients will affect the email notifications only for this comment. This will not determine who is able to view the comment in the comment section. Choosing this option will populate a list of individuals you may choose to alert to your comment, which you may filter by name, site, or role. Choosing this option will not alert Facilitron personnel to your comment.

  5. When you are finished typing your message and determining who may need to review your comment, click the Comment button to post the comment.