This article will assist renters with understanding the possible repercussions of an invalid COI.

How to Tell if your COI is Invalid

If your Certificate of Insurance (COI) is found to be invalid or is missing district requirements, you will receive an email from our Support team upon review & invalidation regarding the exact changes required in order for your insurance to be accepted by the district.

A Fix Now alert button will also appear on your renter dashboard, next to any reservations at risk due to invalid insurance.

Your Reservation Details page will also show an Invalid status in the Insurance widget, and the status will appear next to the name of each of your COIs if more than one is present.

What May Happen if a Verified COI is Not Provided

Please note that if the required changes are not made and a valid Certificate of Insurance is not provided, your reservation request may be at risk of Suspension per the district’s policies. If your reservation dates are suspended, you will not be permitted use of facilities until a verified COI is provided, and the administrators approve of your dates being reinstated. In addition if your reservation dates are suspended, you risk losing your dates and timeslots as they become available for rent.

How Do I Fix My COI?

Common mistakes seen on Certificates of Insurance are:

  • Stating the Renter/Organization in the Certificate Holder field, instead of the district or facility owner.
  • Stating the school site name and address in the Certificate Holder field instead of the district.
  • Not including a separate Additional Insured Endorsement page when required.
  • Providing a Certificate of Insurance for a vendor instead of for your own Organization. Please see How Do I Upload My Vendor's Certificate of Insurance (COI)? for assistance with providing a Vendor COI for review.

For frequently asked questions regarding Certificates of Insurance and what should be included on them, please see Insurance - Frequently Asked Questions and What is a Certificate of Insurance (COI)?

Once you have corrected the issues with your COI, you may proceed in uploading the revised COI yourself, by following the steps provided in How Do I Upload My Certificate of Insurance (COI)?

Please reach out to Facilitron Support at or (800) 272-2962 for assistance with suspended reservation dates or COI questions.