Adding Additional Facilities to a Reservation

To add additional facilities to a reservation, navigate to the reservation detail page of the specific reservation you need to edit. 

First, find the "Reservation Timeslots" section of the page.

Next, find the date you wish to adjust and click "Edit", as shown below. Note: There's a time slot for every date on the reservation. Select the date you wish to edit.

Then, click the "Modification" button and choose "+ Add Additional Facilities" from the dropdown menu.

A pop up window will open with a list of your facilities. Check the box next to the additional facility/facilities needed for the reservation.  You may add additional facility/facilities  to a single date or click "+ Apply to Additional Dates" to choose additional dates. 

When satisfied with your changes, click "Submit," and all changes will be applied to the selected dates and your reservation will be updated. 

The newly added facilities will appear in the selected Timeslots.