This article will assist Administrators with adding additional facilities to a reservation.

To add additional facilities to a reservation, begin by navigating to the Reservation Timeslots section of the Reservation Details page.

You will then need to determine if a New Timeslot should be created to add facilities, or if you should Add Additional Facilities to an existing timeslot. We’ll go through both of these options below.

  1. + New Timeslot: If a facility needs to be added to a date that does not currently exist on the reservation, or if the timeslot for the additional facility differs from the existing timeslot, you should proceed by adding a New TimeslotClicking this button will generate a pop-out, where you will need to first select the Date that the facility should be added to, then you will be able to select the Facility and Timeslot. The time picker works in 30 minute increments, but you can choose 5 minute increments by clicking into the Start Time and End Time inputs under Date Selected. Once done, scroll to the bottom of this pop-out and click Submit to confirm adding this date/timeslot and facility.
  2. + Add Additional Facilities: If the existing date and timeslot on a reservation are to remain the same for the additional facility required, you may proceed by clicking Edit on the designated date, and Modification on the designated timeslot to generate a dropdown list of options. Click + Add Additional Facilities. A pop-out will generate for you to select one or more facilities to add to the date with the same timeslot. Note that you will also be able to add these facilities to other dates included on the reservation at this time. Be sure to click Submit to confirm the additional facilities.