Uploading an insurance certificate

There are two ways to upload your insurance certificate: from the insurance page and from the reservation details page. We will go through each option below.


Uploading from the insurance page is one option for submitting your insurance certificate. If you have multiple reservations within the same district, this will allow you to save time by uploading one certificate for all reservations in the same district. 

Begin by navigating to your Dashboard. On the left hand menu, select Insurance.

Account dashboard screenshot with insurance button circled

In the Insurance page, you will see a "Certificate Upload" box. Here, you may upload one insurance certificate for all the reservations in a district.

Certificate upload screenshot with upload insurance certificate button circled


You may also upload an insurance certificate to a specific reservation in the reservation details page. You can find the reservation on:

  1. the dashboard
  2. the calendar
  3. from a link in a Facilitron confirmation email
  4. or you may search for the reservation by using the reservation ID number:

Reservation number on dashboard screenshot with reservation link pointed out

Once you've found your reservation, click on the Reservation ID to open the Reservation Details Page

Reservation detail screenshot

Click into Insurance and choose "Upload Certificate" to upload your insurance certificate.

Upload certificate screenshot with upload certificate button pointed out