This article will assist Renters with understanding when their reservation is at risk of suspension due to insufficient payment or invalid or missing insurance requirements.

What Is a Suspension?

Some districts will enforce what is referred to as a Suspension to ensure their insurance and payment policies are met prior to an event taking place. This means that per district policy, your event date may be suspended if you have not yet met the insurance and payment requirements.

When an event date is suspended, the date and timeslot is made available to other renters on the Facilitron marketplace to submit a reservation request, and you may risk losing your spot at that facility for that date and timeslot.

  • Note that if your reservation date is suspended, you may be able to have it reinstated after satisfying the missing requirement. For more information regarding reinstatement, please see What to do if Your Reservation is Suspended, or reach out to (800) 272-2962 for additional assistance and information regarding the district’s reinstatement policy.

District policy will determine how many days before your event date these requirements will need to be met, and these requirements will be included in the Terms and Conditions agreed to at the time of reservation creation.

You can view the Terms and Conditions for a district by navigating to their Marketplace on the Facilitron website. Type the district’s name into the What kind of space do you need? search field, and click the district’s linked landing page.

Once on the district landing page, scroll down until you reach the blue Learn more about our facility rental policies link, located next to the map of the district’s location. 

Clicking this link will bring you to the district’s Terms and Conditions. An example of these is below.

Suspensions for Insurance Issues

If your event date is at risk of being suspended due to missing, expired, or invalid insurance, you will receive the following notification email leading up to your event date, reminding you of the corrections required. 

You may provide your Certificate of Insurance for review either via the here link in the email (indicated above) by sending it to along with your Reservation ID, or by uploading the Certificate of Insurance to the reservation yourself. For assistance in doing so, please see How Do I Upload My Certificate of Insurance (COI)?

Suspensions for Payment Issues

If payment has not been completed leading up to your event date, you will receive an automated invoice email requesting you to complete payment for your event date(s). An example of this is shown below.

You may complete payment for your reservation online by clicking the here link in the email (indicated above) or by following the instructions included in the How to Make A Payment support article. You may also call Facilitron Customer Support at (800) 272-2962 to pay over the phone.