Editing shared or dedicated services

To add or change shared or dedicated services, navigate to the reservation detail page of the specific reservation you need to edit. 

First, find the "Reservation Timeslots" section of the page:

Next, find the date you wish to adjust and click "Edit", as shown below. Note: There's a time slot for every date on the reservation. Select the date you wish to edit.

Then, choose "Change Services". 

A popup window will allow you to add, remove, change hours or quantities, view service rate tables and more. 


The edit services window will display the current service(s) assigned to the time slot. 

Click "Show More" to expand the list and view what other services are offered. 

You can uncheck the box/boxes for the service(s) you have selected as well as check other boxes for what services you would like to add. 

You can use the arrows to adjust the Qty and hours, or click directly in the box to add time in less than 1 hour increments. Example:  9.5 hours can be manually typed.  


Below is an example of extra services that have been selected in addition to the previously scheduled custodial staff service. 

You can either Submit to apply it to the one date that you edited, or select "+ Apply to Additional Dates" to apply those services to multiple dates in your reservation. If a reservation has different times of usage on different days, choose the option to "Select All Dates With Identical Facilities and Timeslots" and apply. 

When satisfied with your changes, click "Submit," and all changes will be applied to the selected dates and your reservation will be updated.