Though you may have a good idea what Facilitron is, this overview will help you gain a better understanding of why using Facilitron is important for your organization.

Facilitron is a digital platform to manage facilities

Facilitron is a facility management software partnership for public and private facility operators such as schools, colleges, cities and churches designed to help them manage and track facility use, community facility use requests, maintenance tasks, building systems such as HVAC, register and document participants or the attendees at events.

Facilitron is a scheduling calendar and reservation request system 

In one place, Facilitron allows you to:

  1. View all of the activities occurring at any of your organization's facilities in a centralized calendar
  2. Internally schedule, reserve or request any of your organization's facilities
  3. Manage facility use requests that come in from the community or anyone outside the organization

Facilitron is a maintenance management system

In a single system, Facilitron allows you to:

  1. Create and manage work orders and costs
  2. Schedule preventative work orders
  3. Track consumable and non-consumable assets

Facilitron is a registration system

Using a contactless process, Facilitron allows users to:

  1. Register and pre-register attendees for any scheduled event or activity 
  2. Conduct registration surveys such as health screenings
  3. Check in and out of events through an assisted or self-check in process

Facilitron is a software partnership

Facilitron works with facility operators to make sure their facility use programs thrive. We align our goals with the goals of your organization and provide not just support for you and your renters, we're literally an extension of your staff— handling things such as:

  • Invoicing 
  • Collections
  • Refunds 
  • Insurance verifications
  • Organization verifications
  • Communications to renters
  • Mass cancellations or suspensions
  • ...and more

Facilitron takes your current process and makes it online and digital

While it may be new to you and perhaps even new to your district, Facilitron is a powerful tool that has been customized to work like a digital version of your current process and an extension of your organizations's policies. Only it's been designed to speed up scheduling and save administrative time over old processes like pen and paper.

Remember, even though your organization is using Facilitron's online platform, facility administrators continue to manage approvals and remain in complete control of how and when facilities are used.

The new process provides valuable data

Though it's a transition to a new process, Facilitron provides a new level of operational intelligence on facility use to help districts understand the effectiveness of their facility use policies, to make better decisions on planning, energy management, recovery cost management, reducing liability and maximizing utilization.