Declined Requests

Facility Owner Organizations, particularly schools and school districts, understandably make using their facilities for their programs the first priority.


On occasion circumstances arise that require a school or district event to take priority over an already approved community use request (such as, the basketball team makes the playoffs and has a heretofore previously unscheduled home game). In such cases, an approved request can be declined, however schools usually try to accommodate a different date or a different school in the district.

You may work with Facilitron customer support to try to reschedule your event for a different school or date.


If your request has been declined and you've made a payment with an e-check, credit card or paypal, you may go to the Reservation Details Page to initiate an automated refund via the Request Refund button.

Please allow for up to 5 business days for the refund to reflect on your statement.


The reservation must be declined, not cancelled or approved, with a refund due.

The refund will be processed back to the original form of payment (CC, Echeck, Paypal), with the most recent payment being refunded first.

For multiple payments with duplicate amounts (i.e. two payments of $100.00 on the reservation), you will need to wait a full 2 minutes while our system is processing the first refund before requesting the second refund of the same amount. 

If the reservation includes a payment via physical check, the Request Refund button will not appear and renter will need to request a refund by contacting Facilitron or submit via the Refund Request Form. (If the Physical Check payment has previously bounced or been refunded, the renter will be able use the button to request a refund).

If payment was made via e-check, there will be a 10-day clearing period. The button will not appear until 10 days after payment was made, at which point the button will appear and the renter will be able to request their refund.

This Request Refund button will not appear if the amount to be refunded is over $5,000.00.  The renter will need to contact Facilitron to request a refund in this case or submit a request via the Refund Request Form.

Renters can contact Facilitron to request an emailed receipt be sent of the refund.

Renters that do not have a Request Refund button can submit a refund request via the following form: Refund Request Form

For questions, please contact or 1-800-272-2962