We made a significant update to the request changes feature designed to provide you with an easy approval process, better communications with renters, and a simpler way of working with all requested changes and cancellations for reservation requests.

The new interface automates the process of changing a renter’s reservations using change requests to add, move, remove dates, cancel reservation, and enables renters to request changes to time, facilities, services, equipment, and others using notes that are sent to admins for approval.

The change request approval interface offers a new look and feel and provides an intuitive user experience for pre-approvers and approvers to resolve changes.

We also have a training video here!

How to pre-approve change requests for an approved reservation

Some administrators in a district may be "pre-approvers," who are required to give the "OK" before the district can give its final approval for a reservation request. Pre-approvers and approvers can view all pending reservations, including those with change requests, from the Reservations menu by clicking "Pending".

If a reservation was already pre-approved before a change request was submitted, pre-approvers  may pre-approve  again due to changes. Pre-approvers will receive email notification and can view the reservation on the Pending Reservations report with “Waiting for Me” selected in order  to pre approve the updated reservation.  For pre-approvers that already pre-approved, the thumbs up or thumbs down icon will be changed to orange,  indicating that changes were requested after pre-approval.

Pre-approvers may select a reservation from this list, open the Reservation Details page to review the change request history, and make a decision. Based on the decision, they may click either "OK" or "Not OK" to indicate their preference. When they pre-approve, the status will be updated with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down icon next to their name. All administrators can do this.

How to pre-approve change requests for approved reservation

All administrators who can approve or pre-approve reservations may view and access renters' change requests for approved reservations by clicking on a link in the email they receive or directly from the Administrative Action Required widget on the Dashboard.

Pre-approvers may click on a reservation ID, the "Review Request" button on the Reservation Details page, and resolve the change request in the panel by clicking "OK" or "Not OK." If they have already pre-approved a reservation, the updated icon next to their name will indicate that they need to pre-approve again due to changes.

Pre-approvers may leave a note that can be viewed by other administrators as well as the renter. If a pre-approver would like to leave an internal note, internal comments may be used for that purpose.

How to approve or decline change requests for change time, add, move, remove dates for approved reservations:

Administrators can view and resolve change requests directly from their Dashboard, by clicking on the Reservation ID link. 

This will open up the reservation details page. Click the the "Review Change Request" button on the top of Reservation Details page.

The details on the requested changes will appear in a panel that slides out.

The "Review Change Request" panel will display requested changes. Any dates with scheduling conflicts will be highlighted in red. You can Approve the entire request, select specific dates from the request to approve or decline the change request. You can leave notes with your response, or simply just respond using the "Leave Note" option and neither approve nor decline the request at this time.

If you leave a note, this will be visible on the Change Request panel in the Notes section for other administrators and the renter group.

Please note that administrators can always refer back to the change request in the History section of the Reservation Detail page. When a request is resolved by an administrator, renter and administrator interactions as well as the administrator's resolution will be logged in history, and the renter will be notified via email.

Pre-approvers may click on the Review Request popup and resolve the change request by clicking "OK" or "Not OK" and/or leave remarks in the notes.

If a pre-approver has already pre-approved a reservation before a change request was submitted by the renter, the updated icon next to the pre-approver's name will indicate that the reservation was already pre-approved, and the pre-approver should pre-approve again due to the change request using the steps described above.

How to approve or Decline Change Request for add, move, remove dates, or cancel reservation:

Administrators in the FA, EA, and EA+ roles can view and resolve renter's requested changes.

Administrators may select a reservation from the Renter Requested Changes Widget on the Dashboard and click the Reservation ID.

Administrators may click on the "Review Change Request" button on the Reservation Details page and review the requested changes in a slideout.

The "Review Change Request" slideout will display the change request, where dates with scheduling conflicts will be highlighted in red.

To effortlessly resolve change request and approve changes, admins may click “Approve selected”, where all selected days will be approved, or admins may  click  “Decline all” to reject renter’s request or provide remarks in the notes section (all notes are visible to renters and admins).

Please note, admins can also view a renter’s change request in the History section of the Reservations Detail page.


When admin clicks “Approve selected” or “Decline all” to resolve change request, all renter/admin communications captured in the Notes and admin’s resolution  will be logged in History section of Reservation Details page, and renter will be notified via email.


How to approve or Decline  “Other changes”  for approved reservations:

When a Renter chooses an "Other" type of request change, since this falls outside of the realm of Change Time, Add, Move, Remove and Cancel, it is instead dealt with as a Comment. In this case, Admins can view renter’s requested changes for Other changes in the Recent Comments widget of 

the dashboard.

Admins can click on the reservation ID, and read the renter’s requested change in the Comments section, and process it accordingly.