This article will assist Administrators who have a Final Approver (sometimes referred to as “FA”) role with Approving or Declining reservations.

If your are assigned a Final Approver role at your district or school site, you will review a reservation and its pre-approver preferences before making a decision on whether the reservation will be Approved or Declined.

Locating Reservations Pending Your Pre-Approval

When a reservation is created that requires your final approval, an email may be sent to your email address depending on your role's communication settings.

Reservations that are pending your approval will also be displayed on your Administrator Dashboard in the Pending Requests widget.

You may also find reservations that are pending your pre-approval by navigating to the Pending tab under the Reservations dropdown from the left hand navigation bar.

Approving or Declining a Reservation

You may Approve a reservation directly from the Pending Reservations page by clicking the Approve button beneath the Reservation ID.

This page will also display the list of pre-approvers for this reservation by their initials. If a pre-approver has already weighed in on the reservation, a green thumbs up icon will appear next to their initials if they approve of the event, or a red thumbs down icon if they do not approve.

If you would like to review further details about the reservation before giving your final approval, or if you wish to Decline a reservation, you may do so by clicking on the hyperlinked Reservation ID. This will bring you directly to the Reservation Details page, where your final decision may be made.

The Pre-Approver section of a Reservation Details page appears beneath the Insurance and Documents sections. This section will display a list of the pre-approvers for this reservation, and their thumbs up or thumbs down. 

Beneath the Pre-Approver and Setup Instructions sections of this page are three options for changing the reservation’s status. 

  • If a reservation is still Pending, you may change the status to Approved, Declined, or Cancelled.
  • If a reservation is Approved, you may change it to Declined, Cancelled, or Make Pending
  • If a reservation is Declined, you may change it to Approved or Make Pending.
  • If a reservation is Cancelled, your may change it to Make Pending only.

Please note that none of these changes will alter the pre-approvers thumbs up or thumbs down. Once a reservation’s status has been changed from any state other than Pending, pre-approvers will no longer have the option to weigh in on a reservation.

A reservation’s status will be displayed at the top of the Reservation Details page, and the General Information widget’s head color will change. Light blue indicates the reservation is still in Pending status, dark blue will indicate a reservation is Approved, grey will indicate the reservation has been Cancelled, and red will indicate the reservation has been Declined.

Making Changes to a Reservation’s Status

If new information arises that affects your decision, you may change the status of a reservation at any time.

You may change the status of the reservation from the Reservation Details page by clicking one of the available status options located beneath the Pre-Approver and Setup Instructions sections of the page. These status options are Make Pending, Approve, Decline, or Cancel.

When a reservation’s status is changed, you will have the option to leave a comment for the renter clarifying your decision. An email will be sent to the renter and any administrators with qualifying communication settings, notifying them of the status change to the reservation.