This article will assist Administrators with Pre-Approving reservations.

Some administrators, such as school site administrators, may be Pre-Approvers. A pre-approver's approval is required before the district can give its final approval.

Locating Reservations Pending Your Pre-Approval

When a reservation is created that requires your pre-approval, an email may be sent to your email address depending on your role and communication settings.

Reservations that are pending your pre-approval will also be displayed on your Administrator Dashboard in the Pending Requests widget.

You may also find reservations that are pending your pre-approval by navigating to the Pending tab under the Reservations dropdown from the lefthand navigation bar.

Pre-Approving a Reservation

You may pre-approve a reservation directly from the Pending Reservations page by clicking the Pre-Approve button beneath the Reservation ID. 

This page will also display the list of pre-approvers for this reservation by their initials. If another pre-approver has already weighed in on the reservation, a green thumbs up icon will appear next to their initials if they approve of the event, or a red thumbs down icon if they do not approve.

If you would like to review further details about the reservation before giving your pre-approval, or if you do not approve of a reservation and would like to designate a thumbs down, you may do so by clicking on the hyperlinked Reservation ID. This will bring you directly to the Reservation Details page, where your pre-approval may be given.

The Pre-Approver section of a Reservation Details page appears beneath the Insurance and Documents sections. This section will display a list of the pre-approvers for this reservation, their thumbs up or thumbs down, and the option for you to pre-approve the reservation as well.

Once you click either OK or Not OK, you will be prompted to make a comment. Once you submit your comment, the reservation will remain as pending, but indicate a thumbs up or thumbs down in the pre-approvers section of the Reservation Details page. 

Please note that after pre-approving a reservation, if new information arises that affects your decision, you may change your pre-approval status as long as the reservation is still Pending. Once a reservation has been formally Approved by the district or Facility Owner, you will be unable to change your decision.

You may change your thumbs up to a thumbs down (or vice versa) directly from the Reservation Details page, by simply clicking the other available option.

Once you have weighed in on a reservation, a Final Approver will review the reservation and either Approve or Decline.