This article will assist new Administrators with getting started on Facilitron.

In order to be able to create internal reservations, as well as view and manage external reservations at your District or school site, you must be added to the district as a user. This can be done by an existing administrator, or by Facilitron Support.

Please note that you should not proceed in creating a Renter Organization for your school site or district, as this will not grant you access to the Facility Owner Organization as an administrator.

To request access to your school site or district as an administrator, contact your school or district administrators or select “Administrator” from the Sign Up page.

When filling out the New Administrator Account Form please take special note of the Organization Name and Email fields.

The Organization Name should contain the school site or district you are requesting to be added as an Administrator to.

The Email field should be filled in using your district affiliated email address. If instead your district uses designated email addresses for Facilitron, such as a Lawson ID email, please enter it here.

Once all information has been filled in, please proceed by clicking Create Account. Your request will be sent to Facilitron Support for review.

Please note: Facilitron must receive authorization from your school or district to add you to the system.