This article will assist Administrators with understanding what it means to Suspend a reservation date, how to do so, and when and how a date may be Reinstated.

What Does it Mean to “Suspend” a Date?

Suspending a reservation date removes the date from the request temporarily. The date and timeslot of this suspended date is made available to external renters on the Marketplace again, and a time conflict will not appear for suspended dates.

When a date is suspended on a reservation, the total for that date is deducted from the overall reservation total. The date is then moved to the Suspended Timeslots section of the Reservation Details page.

Suspending a date is different from deleting it entirely, as the dates, facilities, and any manual adjustments made prior to the suspension will be retained if and when that date is reinstated. This prevents any need to have to add the date and make adjustments to it again if it’s later found eligible for reinstatement. 

  • Note that it is not possible to suspend only a single facility or timeslot within a date, dates may only be suspended in their entirety.

When Are Suspensions Used?

Suspensions may be used differently by Facilitron Support than by school site or district administrators. Facilitron Support utilizes suspensions to enforce the district’s payment and insurance requirements leading up to an event date. This is done to ensure reservations are not in violation of any district policies. For more information on how Facilitron Support utilizes suspensions, please see How Will I Know if My Reservation Is Going To Be Suspended?

Both Facilitron Support and school site or district administrators may use the Suspension feature for other reasons though, such as school site or facility closures due to inclement weather. Administrators may also choose to suspend a date on a reservation when it is unclear if the date may be accommodated, either due to staffing concerns, or possible conflicting school site or district usage.

Who Can Suspend a Reservation Date, and How?

Depending on your role configuration, you may be able to suspend a date on a reservation. This privilege is typically restricted to Final Approvers within school sites and districts, rather than Pre-Approvers.

Begin by navigating to the Reservation Details page, and locate the Suspend Timeslots button within the Reservation Timeslots widget.

Next, choose the date(s) that should be suspended at this time, and choose the most accurate option related to the reason for suspension. If Other is selected, you will be required to enter a short description of the reason for suspension. This description will appear in the History section of the reservation.

After suspending any dates, make sure to leave a Comment in the Comment/History section advising the renter of the reason for suspension, and when an update regarding their suspended date may be available.

Can Suspended Dates Be Reinstated?

Suspended dates may be reinstated if it is determined later that the event may still be accommodated. Administrators whose role allows them to suspend also have the option to reinstate, according to their role configuration. Begin by navigating to the Reservation Suspended Timeslots section of the Reservation Details page, and check the boxes next to the dates that may be reinstated and accommodated. Confirm the reinstatement by clicking the Reinstate button.

The suspended dates will then be added back to the reservation and will appear how they did prior to suspension. The fees for these dates will also be added back to the reservation’s total amount due.