Depending on your role and privileges, you may have the ability to change the renter on a reservation. 

First, locate the Renter/User section on the Reservation Details Page. 

Next, click "Change renter" and a pop up window will open that will allow you to search by the renter's organization name (from your List of Renters) or by the renter's email address. Note: Search by email address is for renters that are not attached to a renter organization but instead are "personal use" requests. 

As you type, possible matches will populate.

Select the appropriate match and then choose "Retrieve". If multiple users are attached to an organization, you will need to select a point of contact for the reservation. 

Once you have selected a point of contact for the reservation, you will need to choose to whether or not to Re-Calculate  the reservation. 

Choosing "Yes" to Recalculate will recalculate the reservation based on the new renters rate category. It will also inform the admin of the additional changes that will apply, such as adding back mandatory services, removing services that were added but not configured, adjusting times for equipment and services to match timeslots and removing any on demand work orders that were added previously.

Choosing "No" will not update any rates that may already be applied on the reservation.

(Note that, depending on if a reservation is internal or external, additional options for Attendance and Activity will be displayed on this screen.)

Whether you choose to recalculate or not, you will be presented with the message that any documents from the existing renter associated with the reservation will be removed. This is a privacy/security issue which avoids the renter you're changing to from seeing any documents from the previous renter.

Once submitted, the new renter that the reservation was changed to can be seen in the Renter/User section on the Reservation Details Page.