This article will assist Administrators with changing the Renter or Renter Organization on a Reservation.

Depending on your role configuration, you may have the ability to change the Renter or Renter Organization on a Reservation.

Start by navigating to the Reservation Details page where the Renter or Renter Organization needs to be updated, and locate the Renter section.

Changing the Renter on a Reservation

There are two ways you may change the Renter. The first is by changing the Point of Contact, and the second is to change the Renter Account or Organization on the reservation. Below we will cover how to update a Point of Contact or Renter/Renter Organization using either of these options.

1. How to Change the Point of Contact

Changing the Point of Contact on a Reservation does not move the reservation to a new renter organization, but allows you to set a different user as the contact for the reservation to receive email updates. Any user in the renter organization may be set as the point of contact, but please note that there can only be one point of contact per reservation.

  • If additional users in the renter organization should be notified of a change via email, they should be tagged as a Select Recipient in the Comments/History section when leaving a comment.

Clicking on the current point of contact’s name will present a dropdown list of all users in the organization. Select the new point of contact to update on the reservation.

2. How to Change the Renter or Organization on the Reservation

Changing the Renter or Organization on a Reservation will allow you to move the reservation to a different organization, or to a renter’s individual/personal use account. Clicking this button will generate a pop-out, showing the List of Renters that have previously had a reservation at your school site.

You may choose from the list provided, or begin typing in the renter/organization’s name into the text field to search.

Once you have located the renter or organization that the reservation should be moved to, you may need to select a user in the organization to be the Point of Contact. You will then be asked if the reservation should be Re-Calculated.

  • Re-calculating a reservation is important when you are moving a reservation from Internal to External, or from a renter/organization with a different rate category than the updated renter/organization contains. 
  • Re-calculating the reservation will reset the reservation’s fees and insurance requirements to the updated renter/organization’s rate category. For example, if an Internal reservation is moved to an External renter, but is not re-calculated, then the Insurance requirement will not populate, and fees will not calculate correctly.

Note that when moving a reservation to a new renter or organization, any pre-existing documents or insurance files that still pertain to the reservation will need to be moved as well. Additionally, any manual adjustments made to a reservation will need to be recreated after re-calculating.

What to Do When the Renter/Organization Does Not Appear on the List of Renters

If you are unable to locate the renter or organization that the reservation needs to be moved to on your list of renters, it may indicate one of two things:

  1. The renter or organization has not had a reservation at your school site in the past, and therefore is not included on your list of renters,
  2. Or, The renter or organization does not yet have a registered account on Facilitron.

If you are unable to locate a renter when searching for their name in the Change Renter pop-out, please leave a Facilitron Alert in the Comment/History section to request Facilitron Support’s assistance with moving the reservation (please see How to "Alert Facilitron" via Comments for additional information on Alerts).

If the organization does not yet exist on the Facilitron platform, then the following information will be required:

  • Renter First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Street Address

With this information, a member of Facilitron Support can assist with transferring the reservation to the renter’s organization or personal use account.