If your organization has a new or updated facility that needs updated photos for your community-facing storefront, you can take and submit photos yourself with our easy-to-follow guide. 

Not sure what your photos look like? Go to your rental site and search for All Facilities. In the search results, you can view thumbnails of each facility and click on a facility to view all its photos.

To start, make sure your phone is a newer model with a clean lens. Accessing a later-model Android or Apple phone will ensure better results.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Open the camera app and turn the phone horizontally to shoot a "landscape mode" photo (see above illustration)
  2. Make sure your device is level and not tilted or slanted
  3. Take two to four photos from at least two different positions (if possible) to capture more than one angle of the facility 
  4. Review your photos to make sure the lighting is sufficient to see facility details
  5. Submit the photos to your account manager with facility name, capacity and other details 

Using an iPhone? Be sure to set your image settings before taking pictures. 

Go to your Settings --> Camera --> Formats --> switch from HEIC "High Efficiency" to (JPEG) "Most compatible"

For best results:

  • Make sure the facility lights are on and that the facility is well-lit 
  • Try not to shoot directly at bright windows or open doors where excessive light is visible
  • Avoid having any people in photos (especially students)
  • If time permits, prep the room before shooting to tidy or remove any miscellaneous items that distract from the photo (place all chairs down, clear whiteboards , remove trash cans, distracting clutter, etc)

You may also submit professional or architect photos to your account manager.

Sample Photos: 

Cafeteria/Multi-Purpose Room


Library/Media Center