How to pre-approve reservations

Some administrators such as school administrators may be "Pre-approvers" or administrators whose "OK" is required before the district can give its final approval. This article will show you how to "pre-approve" or "OK" or "Not OK" a reservation.

View Pending Requests on Your Dashboard or the Reservations Tab

All of your pending requests can be accessed directly through your Dashboard which serves as a To Do list of reservations that need approval.

Dashboard screenshot with Pending requests widget circled

Pending requests can also be found on the Reservations tab by clicking "Pending" which will show you a list of pending reservations.

OK or Not OK a Reservation (Pre-approving)

To pre-approve a reservation, click on the reservation ID to go to the Reservation Detail page.

The Reservation Details page offers a detailed summary of a reservation. You can review the details such as renter organization, dates, facilities requested and more.  Once you have made a decision on the request, then click either "OK" or "Not OK" to indicate your preference. 

Once you click Approve, you will be prompted to make a comment. Once you submit your comment, the reservation will remain as pending, but indicate a thumbs up or thumbs down in the pre-approvers section of the reservation detail.