This article will assist users with changing the language from English to another language in Google Chrome. 

Finding the Language Settings in Google Chrome

Google Chrome offers a language translation feature in its settings. By default, Chrome shows websites in English. You can change the language to almost any commonly recognized language, and doing so may enhance your Facilitron experience. 

In the top right of your screen, click Google Chrome and select Settings from the dropdown menu. 

After clicking Settings, you will see the following navigation menu shown below will appear on the left side of your screen. From here, choose Languages.

Changing the Preferred Language

You will be brought to the page shown below, where you will be able to change the language from English  to the language you would like to read the Facilitron platform in. 

To change the language that Facilitron appears in, first locate the Preferred languages section at the top of the page.

From here, follow the steps shown below to change the language Facilitron is displayed in. 

After following these steps, go to to see the website in the language of your choosing. To see any other pages in the new language, simply refresh the page and it will reload in the newly designated language.

After navigating to the platform or refreshing the page, you will find Facilitron has been translated into your preferred language. Unless you go back and change the Preferred language on Google Chrome to a different language, Facilitron will continue to appear in the language you have chosen every time you log on. 

It’s worth noting for logged in users on Facilitron S&R and Facilitron Works, we offer a translation capability in the dropdown in the top menu. Simply click the dropdown and select your language to see the dashboard UI in your chosen language.