One of the biggest customer requests/questions in Works is “how can I receive updates for work orders?”.  We have addressed this with updates to sharing via trade, work order alerts, and sharing via crew; however, the missing piece was still the ability to share any work order quickly and easily that does not fit within any of our automations. 

What is "Followers"? 
The Followers feature allows Works users to stay up to date with the progress and updates of individual work orders.

It also allows administrators to designate other system users or email addresses of users as followers of a specific work order. These followers then receive automated system emails with updates for that work order. They can gain access to it, based on their roles, even if they did not have access initially. This feature bridges the communication gap and ensures that followers stay informed and engaged throughout the entire work order lifecycle.

Use Cases: The versatility of "Followers" opens up a myriad of use cases, addressing common challenges and scenarios faced by Facilitron Works users. Some notable use cases include:


  • Collaboration Across Crews: Followers allows collaboration between skilled and unskilled labor on a project, especially when they are not part of a stable crew.
  • Cross-Trade Work and Projects: Enabling efficient communication and updates for work orders involving multiple trades.
  • Individual Work Order Updates: Allowing site users to receive real-time updates on specific work orders relevant to their responsibilities.

Key Benefits of Followers:

A follower, whether a system user or an email address, enjoys several key benefits:  

  • Automated System Emails: Followers receive all automated system emails related to the work order they are following.
  • Access to Work Order: Followers gain access to the work order according to their role, even if they did not have prior access.
  • Maintained Role Rights: For example, a maintenance technician following a plumbing trade work order, retains the rights of a maintenance technician within that specific work order.

How to Use "Followers": Using this feature is straightforward and user-friendly

To follow an individual Work Order:

  • Locate the Follower icon in the top right of the work order screen
  • Click the Followers icon
  • You will see a dropdown menu. This will display any current followers fo this work order in the list.
  • Click the Start Following menu item to start following the work order
  • To Unfollow the work order, click the Followers icon, and select Stop Following

Adding Followers: 

Users can easily add followers by searching for a user's name or email address, streamlining the process and enhancing user experience.

 User Count Display: The current count of followers is displayed, providing a quick overview of who is connected to a particular work order.

Updates for Maintenance Tech and Approver Roles:

The "Followers" feature enhances flexibility by allowing users to add other users under specific conditions:

  • Any Order Approver for the property assigned to the work order.

  • Site-based plant managers for the property assigned to the work order.

  • Order Approvers at various levels, including All-Site Approvers and Multi-Site Approvers.

  • Order Admins or Processors.

  • Any other Maintenance Techs, exclusively for users with the Maintenance Tech, Admin, or Processor role.

The Facilitron Works "Followers" feature responds to user needs and enhances collaboration and communication in work order management. Whether you're coordinating cross-trade projects, providing updates to external stakeholders, or simply staying in the loop on individual work orders, "Followers" ensures that information flows seamlessly, contributing to more efficient and transparent facility management. Give it a try and let us know what you think!